Bowling Terribly

I went bowling last night. Only to find out that all 24 lanes were full and we were third on waiting list. So to kill time, we played pool. Just two games only because it costs two bucks per game.

The last time we pooled, it was more than six months ago at orchard. But I still managed to win both games

Anyhow, we got a lane andÖ I realised how terrible my bowling is.

I did not even get a strike! To think that all my training back in year one was wasted. I couldnít believe that the two games I bowled were my worst scores ever. 40 to 60 range.

You wanna guess something? Yes! My friend bowled much better than me! And this friend claims to hate bowling and has only bowled four times before.

As my friend says, ďThe gods of bowling must be smiling at me.Ē I wonder what I did to offend those gods to frown upon me :neutral:


  1. Haha, maybe you accidentally littered in the bowling alley and you didnít know? So the bowling-god-person-thing got angry and took away all your abilities to get a strike!

    Ö or maybe not.

    Anyway, I guess itís just because the ball was too light for you or you just didnít play for a very long time.

    Donít worry bout it~

  2. HmmÖ this is all luck.. I couldnít play any of those well. Iím pretty lousy in pool and bowling.. maybe slightly better in pool.. =D

  3. Haha, sounds like my last experience with bowling XD I think Iím going bowling again this weekÖ let see if the gods are smiling on me XP

    Anyways awesome site!

  4. Lol I do not like bowling and do not attempt to bowl. If I were to bowl, I would be the worst bowler there is.

  5. Hmm, where did you bowl? Cathay SAFRA Tampines? Hehe, because thatís my training ground.

    Anyway, you should be able to bowl better with practice.

  6. hahaha!! Itís ok! Iím not good at bowling my self. I think i havenít played a real game of pool befor

  7. LOL! Bowling hasnít been one of my lucky games either.. especially since my nails break easily and I probably end up getting elephant fingers after a game, lol! ^^;; At least you enjoyed your time with friends. Take care!

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