Miss Congeniality 2

I watched Miss Congeniality 2 only because I watched the prequel, Miss Congeniality.

Not to mention that it looks funny. I can not resist a good laugh. Snort snort.

And Armed and Fabulous did a good job keeping me in coughing fits due to much laughter. It was not all laughs though. I admit I did kinda go ďThatís so sadĒ when that jerk dumped her. But a (snort of) laugh(ter) could not help but escape from my betraying lips when Gracie went, ďIs it the sex thing? Coz I can get a manual or somethingÖĒ

(Well, Iím sorry for being Miss Insensitive.)

Not to mention I really feel for the guy when Jeff found out his girlfriend was cheating on him for that old geezer. I mean, címon girl! At least go for a younger guy! But, really, Jeff is a rather sweet person (which reminds me of someoneÖ)

And thereís also the part where after busting the two criminals, Sam and Gracie were standing on the bridge and going ďYouíre my friendĒ that kinda thing and you gotta go ďAww, thatís so sweet!Ē

Overall, Iím so totally satisfied I finally managed to catch this film on theatre.

Before the darn prices for movie tickets shoot up again.


  1. i think iíll wait for this to come out onto dvd

    and geez are you right about movie prices. or maybe itís our OLD AGE cough, i mean snort snort.

  2. HEY nadine
    movie ticket prices shoot up? wow, i didnít know thatÖ i donít know if they do around here XD i havenít caught a movie in ages.

    i need to catch miss congeniality 1 i only saw like, 10 minutes of it. yikes, i suck.

    take care:)

  3. hi nadine!!! how are ya!!! I didnít see Miss Congeniality 2 yet, Iíve been too busy to even watch TV. O_o

  4. I enjoyed watching armed and fabulous too. It was funny and at the same time heartwarming. I was kind of disappointed that she didnít snort that much this time round though. I loved it when she laughed and snorts. ;p

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