I am beginning to have a splitting headache but I feel a great need (and urge) to blog this question:

What makes a blog popular?

The blogís content itself? Or the siteís content? The designs? The goodies/freebies? The way the blogger blogs or the topics s/he blogs? Or maybe people visit blogs and comment, hoping that the blogger would return the favour? (Iíve known idiots like these)


  1. I think for some itís the content and the way the blogger blogs. Then for some, I like to think itís coz the personís famous thatís why.

  2. lol great qn there. i guess, like how some models have it, its the x-factor about a blog that makes it popular? everything just seems rite i guess? lol..
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  3. I think it depends on the appeal. A lot of blogs are popular but they really donít have substance to them. Most of the time, itís the cam image that brings people towards a site. If it is truly about the blog, itís because the blogger is an eloquent writer, and the posts are appealing because itís not just about ďwhat i did todayĒ and ďwhat iíll do tomorrowĒ. Thatís my take on it. Well, take care!

  4. Thx for visiting
    Wow, youhave a lot of domains, woman!
    Anyway, I think what makes a blog popular is content, design and also the person who is hardworking enough to comment on peopleís sites tooÖ Just my theory/opinion!

  5. that is a good question. sometimes i like the blogs cos i just like the personality the person portrays, and othertimes i find their posts just fun to read. im a sucker for layouts too lol

  6. What keeps me going back to a blog: terrific entries. I like entries that make me laugh because of the writerís eloquence, and sometimes their sarcastic or self-deprecating wit.

  7. Hmm Iíve never thought about that before.

    The layout definitely plays some part. If a layout is not really nice, then it loses some sort of appeal. Then again, the way the person blog and what he/she blogs about is also another factor. Like Xiaxueís blog (edited by Nadine), her entries are hilarious and entertaining, although the layout isnít fantastic. Goodies/freebies are not really a factor to me. I visit a blog to know more about the person and what goes on in that personís life, not what he/she can offer me. Oh and the personís gotta be someone nice of course.

  8. definately appeal. I think I should ask this question on my blog. lol. I love lots of pictures.. But it cant just be pictures, words, smilies, etc.

  9. I think itís a mix of all the things you listed. I have no idea why some blogs are SO popular. It really makes me wonder.

  10. Hm.. personally I think itís the contentÖ If there are interesting entries on someoneís blog.. Iíll be sure to come back and check it out againÖ Some humor might do good too.. =)

  11. hmm..I never thought of it.. Iím guessing the person behind the blog, if s/he comments back, the content. I like funny stories in the content. Iíd come back if those weíre there.

  12. In my opinion – it takes the blogís content / originality / time Ö sites that have been online for 3 years for example, typically get more hits than those who have great content but only have been up for 3 months..

  13. hehe! actually i like lame blogs where e blogger blogs about all e funny things in life rather than a mere diary. its quite interesting to see how oneís ideas can run wildd! LOL

  14. Hope your headache goes away. I think that it depends on the blogger. Some bloggers have really interesting blogs but their layout is just ďall rightĒ. Some bloggers have amazing layouts and their blog is ďall rightĒ. And then some lucky people have interesting things to talk about in the blog and also the talent to make amazing layouts. lol thatís just what I think.

  15. Thatís something which has been puzzling me for ages. In your opinion, what do you think? In my opinion, nice layouts & super good vocabulary in the entries. LOL! Iím being practical hereÖ
    And well, another reason could be they have good webmasters/mistresses lke u.
    Take panadol! =X

  16. Well, the answer to that question is subjective. Different people look out for different things. Some people prefer design over content, while others prefer content over design. It all depends on the reader, ultimately. Personally, I prefer the webjournal content. Humourous blog entries interest me, and those blogs are the kind that would keep me returning for more.

  17. Well it depends on the people who visit a blog, if they like how that person writes, or makes the blog seem interesting. I would say the way the blogger blogs.

  18. wheee i just got back from ny. i think its the personality of the blogger n the topics. yup. no snazzy design needed or prizes. check out maddox. i dunno the link, but if u search it, heíll come up. he blogs bout stuff in such a way that pple love AND hate. so thats why hes popular.

  19. Mhm.. thatís a really good question. I think what ďattractsĒ people to blogs are the designs.. I visit blogs because I like to read what they write, and I like the layout, and some of the content. When someone comments on my site so they can get the plug and me to comment back I just dont go to their sites and delete their comment. I think blogs are popular because of their layout, content and freebies. When people see the layout and they like it, theyíre more likely to stay on the site and take their time to read and look around. Some people only visit blogs to get a plug or for the free stuff that they offer. Those people donít deserve a plug..
    Anyways, thanks for the comment ^.^ I hope your headache goes away!

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