At Camp

I thought I was able to blog so long as someone had a laptop with wireless connection. How was I to know that wireless could not be tapped in the student union itself? Hrrrmp.

So here I am, at the student union itself, using the PC (read: computer) and not the laptops. Yes, laptops. Man, we’re here for a camp but this year, more than one laptop sprouted around. Seems like no one can live without access to the computers.

By the way, if anyone’s still lost, I’m at SPSU’s FOC GL preparation camp.

And this year, I’m promoted to Cooks! Yes! No longer am I a fierce GP but an evil Cook instead

I’ll see if I can blog again on Sunday. Till then,

(Please note that to read the abbreviations for “SPSU” and the rest, Firefox Mozilla or Opera is required.)