Ice Princess

To most people, it may seem weird to catch a movie with your boyfriend and your younger sister.

But thatís what I did.

Ice Princess wasnít my top priority but while watching the trailer on the official site earlier this week, I decided to watch it with Jun Wei since itís like another chick flick. Yeah, we kinda like these kinds. Unless theyíre really lousy.

However, after Nicole and I watched the trailer for the second time, she went, ďHey, letís watch this together.Ē

If Iíd said no, she would not be able to catch it at all since I doubt any of her friends would want to watch the show. I guess it was another of those that didnít have a good response in the states since it has (like Five Children and It) (only) started showing and only (exclusively) at GV theatres (I found out that this was a March-2005-released movie).

The movie turned out to be longer than Iíd expected. It was rather touching especially it touches on a mother-daughter relationship.

Not to mention that itís about figure skating and thereís Hayden Panettiere in it.

Funny. I guess what Jun Wei wrote for my testimonial in Friendster was rather true after allÖ?

She loves Shiri and so do i
She loves Jason Behr and so do i
She is a ROSWELL fan and so am i
She is not les and neither am i gay
She cld be a paedophile cos she loves
Dakota Fanning



  1. i once watched a play with my brother and his girlfriend. but the situation is kinda awkward then because it was my first time meeting with his gf.

  2. lol. I guess it might be akward seeing a movie with ur bf and sister to most people but I donít think its weird.

    I saw the advertisments of Ice Princess. It seems good.

  3. LOL! I have been out with my boyfriend and little brother, and I donít think that itís odd at all. I think, however, it was more awkward for your little sister. =) Hehe! At least it was a chick flick, yeah? She was included somewhat? =) Take care!

  4. Heh, nothing wrong with watching a movie with your boyfriend and sister. After all, it provides a chance for them both to get acquainted too!

  5. omg. i canít believe u watched ice princess. hahahhaa yea that movie seemed a lil too dopey for meÖ

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