Why Can’t Everyone be Nice?

I feel so sorry for my sister, Nicole. She started this whole webdesigning and trading card games not too long ago and due to her innocence and ignorance, she was targeted for nasty remarks by some stupid girl (I shall not reveal names).

My sister has worked hard to create her cards for TCG and has given credit. True, she failed to ask for permissions and that sort but, HEY! she did give credit to where it was due. If you’re offended that permission was not asked from you, why don’t you email nicely to clarify the matter instead of ranting it off in your blog or to your online friends. I feel that it isn’t fair to my sister when you don’t read her credits and you go around telling others and putting my sister down.

It ain’t fair. Why can’t everyone be nice?

I’ve been in this scene for two years and so far, I’ve only got this childish girl who copied my entire site and did not credit at all. When confronted, she denied that she took everything when I found out that her source codes were exactly the same as mine. My younger sisters were enraged and spammed that girl’s email and guestbook anonymously. When I found out what my sisters had done, I knew that girl was going to think that I was the spammer. True enough, That girl spammed my form at my site anonymously. But c’mon, it was so obvious. (Then again, like I said, she was a childish girl.)

That’s the furthest I’ve ever had for a ‘hatemail’.


  1. ouch. that’s terrible. This is suppose to be for fun and all… but there are many chidlish kids around. I think what your sis did wasn’t wrong, plenty of people do that, give credit when its dued in the credits page. I hope Nicole feels better and not be disheartened by some silly incident by some x twelve year kid or so. ( dang I’m discriminating twelve years old .. ehm no offence to the other 12 years old . -_-” )

    Sigh. it’s the world today. . . that’s why there are people that aren’t nice. The environment, influences, peers, families etc. … from what I see …
    they aren’t all that nice so maybe that’s why people are like that. or maybe people are just not nice… that we have to learn how to discipline the nastiness in us. Lol.

    gaaaa. I can’t even comment or say much about the stupid plagiarize.
    Guess it’s all in the past.

  2. stealers, they’re so pathetic! especially when they deny when things look pretty obvious. as far as i know, I never had that kind of experience. maybe because nothing of mine is worth stealing hahaha

    but I hope nicole feels better. people can be too rash nowadays

  3. i hate people to copy my style of design/coding/etc too .. it’s not like i made the codes or whatsoever .. i mean if you wanna copy, at least change some parts and only copy abit .. don’t copy entirely right ? i hate people who ain’t original ..

    as for your sis’ case .. i hate people who is so rude just ranting like that without lookinjg thoroughly for the credits .. wtf is that girl’s prob that she gotta flood your sis with hate mails.

    just dont get them /=

  4. Stealers and copycats should be taught a lesson. Especially those who don’t give credit at all. I’ve seen such cases for many times. But sigh we can’t do anything except whining and ranting at our blog.

    The online virtual world is getting worse recently, due to those kids who think that they are gonna rule in the future. But hey, there’s always a way to deal with such people Find the right way and they will stop their nonsense :p

  5. seriously? why can’t everyone be nice? *dramatically* IS IT SO HARD??!! *normal* I guess it is hard for some people who choose to be bitter or ignorant or choose not to listen. I hope the whole thing with that girl clears up soon. regards to your sister!

    *admires layout*

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