Embarrassing Moments

On my way to school, I thought I saw a friend of mine walking a few metres in front of me. I walked a little quicker to see if it was him, from the back and side profile, he looked like Terence. Excited, I gave a light slap on his arm. He turned around and I saw…

… a stranger.

No kidding! I nearly died there and then. He was looking at me really oddly and I could not bring myself to say, “Oops, wrong person.” Instead, I went, “You look really familiar…” (Note: not pickup line! I was just trying to ‘salvage’ the situation.)

And then I quickly said, “Never mind” and walked away in a hurried manner as after all, I was running late for class.

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  1. SWEETIE (-_-!!!) Must double check first next time! what if u mistook someone else for me =P

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