Files Intact

Thankfully, I’ve done a database backup for this site. I should have done a home one too. Darn. Now I have to redo the sidebar *sighs*

Don’t ever get hosted at HostNDezign. They don’t even deserve a link from me.


  1. I looked at getting hosting from that site but thankfully I didn’t. They don’t look very good, at all. ♥

  2. I wouldnt know about hosting and everything becuase I wasnt the one who bought my site but y’know I just read your last blog and i found it hilarious Aw bless you, I bet that was sooo embarrasing! You funny thing. Sorry about that hosting company though xx

  3. Eep, you lost everything but your database? x__x;; Have you switched hosts now, or are you still hosted at HostNDezign? If you’re still hosted at HostNDezign, then I recommend switching to xFluro.

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