Progress Report

With just a month before the end of the semester, I am having a hard time thinking whether I’m doing well or not.

Oral Communication (OC): I heard I scored between the 60-70 range for my first presentation. Then again, I don’t really trust hearsays. As for my speech writing, I missed the last lesson and have yet to get my results back.

Critical Reasoning Skills (CRS): One of the most loathed modules of mine (not just because of the lecturer), I failed my first essay writing on the casino debate. It’s a low fail, by the way.

Innovation; Design and Enterprise in Action (IDEA): My group scored well for our first presentation on our product, The BOX. The BOX is based on multimedia, wifi (wireless) and conceptual art. Go figure.

Database Management Systems (DBMS): Remember how I tried to run away from my test? I really lacked confidence in that paper, being the last one to enter the room and the first one to leave. I had a real shocking moment (my heart literally stopped for a nanosecond) when I found out that I had scored a distinction for that paper. My magical moment lasted for a few minutes until I asked the lecturer whether the paper was considered easy or hard.

“It is actually relatively easy.”

There goes my victory dance.

Graphic Design using Imaging Tools (GDIT): As you may have read, I had a B for my first assignment. Am awaiting for my grades for the next two.

Modeling and Photo-Rendering (MORG): I heard from one classmate that I got a D minus for my first assignment. Then, another classmate said that I got a D plus. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

Web Publishing (WEBP): I got a B for my practical test. How ironic that I should score well for DBMS but not this. I love WEBP much, much more than DBMS! (Well, I don’t love it as much when we’re building sites with Dreamweaver though. I’d much rather have my trusty NotePad, thank you.)

Drawing (DRAW): Got a B+ for my first assignment and a A for my second one. Funny, I thought my first one was better.

Mother used to say that my results are rather inconsistent. Well, I guess that means that I’m not born for consistency.


  1. Congrats on the marks. Don’t worry about the ones that you didn’t too well in, they’re not worth worrying about. Celebrate the good ones. It sounds like you do some pretty cool subjects.

  2. everyone have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is pretty common that the grades are inconsistent eh? whatever it is, since the projects/tests are already over, just concentrate on your current ones. xD

  3. Seems like you’re doing quite well! Don’t worry about that one fail, we’re bound to fail one test or two. I hate using Dreamweaver too. Notepad is still my favourite.

  4. Hey, it was nice meeting you yesterday afternoon! Finally, we get to meet face to face after communicating online for almost 2 years!

    Anyway, what matters most is that you gave it your best shot. All you have to do is to learn from past mistakes and not repeat them again. And keep up with consistent work. Jia you!

  5. are you taking all those classes simultaneously? cause that’s a lot :X

    I guess since this is only a progress report, you don’t have to fret about the classes you’re doing poorly in. you still have the chance and the time to bring the grades up, nadine! keep up the great work

  6. Ehz…your DBMS not bad sia…
    Haha…I hated doing database stuff and programming stuff so of course I got lousy grades. But then again, I haven’t got wonderful grades in anything. Bleargh.

    Well, don’t get too upset. What matters most is that you know you’ve done your best. Even if your lecturer said it was a relatively easy paper. You earned that distinction through the effort you put in.

    Strive hard for good results so that at the end of it all, you’ll have a diploma with good grades to be proud of. =)

  7. Whoops – heh, you commented at – that’s where I came from. Yes, this spoken-for website is my personal blog and resonate is my photoblog. Just so there’s no confusion.

  8. I am like you. My grades are as diverse as the colours on the rainbow. Perhaps when you get your rhythm things will be a little better! =)

  9. you’re progressing well … u’re doing good lar

    trust me … its coming from someone who has alot of F’s, haha

    just preservere .. if u’re furstrated, do what i do usually .. bang your head, heh, no lar .. just take a 5min break and breath

  10. well, not everyone will be doing all As so i guess if you’ve tried your best, it’s cool. i suck at studies but im better at other stuffs. you’ll do better, FOR SURE! take care and have a nice weekend ahead!

  11. lolů my grades are not inconsistent.. haha! well, if my tchr is effective for sure i will recieve high grads and the other way aroundů lolů

  12. Wow, you’ve a lot of subjects O__o. Your grades are not bad, it’s normal to score well in some and not so gd in some. You’ll get better definitely

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