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I’ve been dreaming of revamping this site totally. It feels like my other domain but I want it to be something edgy-er. Or something like that. I’m not sure whether to put it on a straight hiatus or just change the layout on the go (which means that visitors will see pretty funky stuff since I’m not covering up).

I won’t be able to start till September or October though. That’s when the school vacation starts. Not to mention I’ve still got my fanlistings to handle *sigh*

Should I go on a hiatus or let you see how ugly my process of codings can be?


  1. wow! cool site ^ ^ I love the color hehehe… maybe try puttin it Hiatus? first.. it wont take u long to revamp ur site right? cant wait to see u ne layout ^ ^ and oh.. advance happy vacation ^ ^ (ur havign ur vacation? we’re just startting our school here! hahaha!!! thats crazy! I envy u :p lolz… yeahhh!! more vacation wooo!!!! hahaha!!!)

  2. I guess going on hiatus is better. I was so surprised when the domain directed me to the blog. Pretty layout~ ^^;

  3. Whichever you prefer dear. Hee though I would love to see it in progress. Edgier is cool. Yeah vacatiooooon … wheeeee

  4. so september/october is your vacation over there in singapore??

    anyway, whatever your decision is.. just go back asap i’ll sure miss your entries

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