Book Sale

Book Sale + Just Getting Allowance = Bad Combination

The weekend was rather dull since my guy was the best man for his good friend’s wedding. So I indulged myself with my newly-bought books. Yes! MPH was having a 20% storewide sale and I could not help but get the following:

I also managed to get my latest copy of the english version of Slam Dunk!

Sale Books + Comic Book = S$27

Ack! But I don’t regret


  1. Noooooooooo… got a little princesssssss…. I’m jealous. I’ve been wanting to get that book cause I loved it so much, Hear hear about the combo. xp w00t w00t about the new stuff.

  2. hey nadine… you can go to my site thru my old add still @ mah~ and i saw ya in the lab today!! haha.. no wonder i found ya damn familiar some time ago i saw you…. i realised you are in dmmt only after i saw your friendster.. hope to see ya again before i go away next sem… =)

  3. hey (= did you get my email?

    have you read the books already? i heard the princess diaries series is pretty good..

  4. Ah, I do that too. I get so exited that I have money and then I spend it… and then its gone. its kinda depressing. heh. But, I like money, and all I have to do to get more is just work more. So… yeah.

  5. [Exposure]

    Ah sometimes you have to induldge yourself in the makings of books just for a treat. I recently had a bulk buy at Amazon, although half of those books were needed for college, but all the same Books = Good!

    Hope your guy had fun at the wedding,
    Keep smiling

  6. i wannnna have book sales here too. sniffles. been dying to buy a couple of books but didnt manage to check them during the megasales. now it’s too late ;(

    lucky u

  7. MPH’s having a SALE?! Omg I didn’t know! I absolutely love buying books and then spending the whole day reading them.

  8. Oooh, I’ve been spending all my money on dvd’s lately because they’ve got lots of sales on! Must get off to the book store soon though.

  9. I can’t even step into a bookstore for something simple like a bookmark or a blank book without buying a ton of books. Luckily I have enough self control to stay away from the computer section… those books are SO damned expensive!

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