Grandma’s 80th Birthday

On Saturday, my relatives (on Mother’s side) gathered at CHIJMES to celebrate Grandmother’s 80th birthday. I found it extremely odd at this so-called sudden celebration because as far as I’ve lived for 20 years, my family has never celebrated her birthday before.

We had (if I remember correctly) a 10-course dinner at Lei Garden.

Lei Garden at CHIJMES:

Top Cantonese restaurant, Lei Garden offers an innovative, elaborate and extensive menu with over 120 dishes ranging from dim sum, nutritious tonic soups, sharksfin, abalone and birds’ nest delicacies to excellent seafood, meat and vegetarian favourites, full of wholesome gourmet flavour.

There are altogether 11 private dining rooms with a total capacity of 150 guests. There is a two-tier aquarium built from ceiling to floor.

My uncle booked one of the private dining rooms on the second floor with three tables. I found it unfair that Allan brought Ling without telling me and Jolene. If he did, we would have brough our SOs too.

Oh well.

Pictures to come—next time.


  1. AHH! i’ve never been to CHIJMES before! much less e canto restaurant! maybe i can bring my ah ma there too! i bet she loves canto food. hehe. woaH! but it sounds grand and ex! alamaks. ur uncle is soo cool

  2. I think its because your grandma is 80. What do chinese call it? Ba shi da shou I think? When my grandpa turned 80 last year, we had this elaborate buffet at a convention hall. So your family celebrating your grandma’s birthday this year definitely has got to do with the age.

  3. Woww girl 10 courses?:) Yummy, HAPPY BDAY to ur grandma, that’s a BIG celebration!!!! Hope u are ok:)LOVES

  4. Wow now that is what I call a ripe old age… do you also hope you follow in your grandmothers footsteps and live as long as that.

    But thats odd that your family hasn’t gone all out and had a celebration for yours… but 21 is coming up right? BIG one!

    And that resturant sounds AMAZING… that BIGGG fish tank all the way from top to bottom [called a fish tank because I can’t spell Aqurium?!?]

    10 Courses… I want to be there.. do they do takeaway? hehe… keep smiling me dear


    [oh and this is a Exposure comment just for you!]

  5. That looks like a delicious restaurant. I’m not familiar with chinese customs, so my insight on why you guys celebrated her 80th birthday wouldn’t be very accurate at all =P Hehe, well I look forward to the pictures you’ll put up!


  6. looking forward to the pictures. sorry it took so long to comment, i’ve had no internet in my new apartment.

    also, just remind the key people when *your* birthday is coming up, and that you’d like something special as well.

  7. wow O.o congrats to your grandmother!! my mom’s mom passed away of cancer when she was… in her early 70’s? and i never got a chance to know my dad’s mom you are really blessed

  8. Wow. That sounds like a really amazing Chinese restaurant. Ooo…I read your bio. Holy, yeah, I hate it how people think you’re younger just because of your looks. BAHHHH. I’m 15 and some people think I’m 12 – 13 since I’m like 4 ” 11 1/2. Oh, and having chubby cheeks that EVERYONE just pinches when they get close to you doesn’t help. *sigh* Whoa, that’s weird about people thinking of you being so many different nationalities. I’m pale and so people just know right off the bat that I’m Chinese. Btw, congratz to your grandmother.

  9. I am still asking myself the same thing. When my grandmother turned 80 we did the same thing still asking myself why we celebrated her 80th birthday and not the 79 previous ones.

    lol Anyway

  10. That sounds like an amazing resturant. 10 courses? I couldn’t even eat half of that, I have a very small stomach. My family really doesn’t do the birthday thing either, I’m lucky if I get a cake.

  11. Hey Nadine. Second to what Vanessa said. Someone just hacked into your domain.. I hope you get that fixed. And there is the Indonesian anthem all over it. O_O;;

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