Stupid Hacker

So darned pissed at the hacker who hacked three of my domains because of all the domains he hacked into, he had to hacked into my blog and my fanlistings.

Thanks a lot you loser. Now I’ll just have to spend the next lifetime of mine getting all my fanlistings back up.

I’m pissed. So don’t aggravate me.

I may explode.


  1. aw that sucks. Who the hell would get enjoyment out of that? I feel sorry for you. Thank-you for commenting on my blog btw. I hope things work out for you.

  2. Some people have really nothing to do. No idea who huh? I had my files hacked once. Take it as a chance to clear up all e junk &stuff? CHeerios

  3. what a fucker. i hate people who did that. someone did it to my email account once and i was sooo pissed.

  4. Some people are just really stupid and have nothing else to do but bother people. Whoever did that is probably jealous of you. So sad. I’m sorry you have to re-make all of your fanlistings, etc.. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to do it all

  5. You know, it is /incredibly/ hard to ‘hack’ anything. Do you know how he ‘hacked’ you? It could be a case of ‘I guessed the answer to your secret question’ or ‘I asked your host for your password’ – because both of them have happened to me before – and yes, it was a shitty host.

    If either of those are a possibility it’s fixable by changing your secret question to something harder to guess/putting a dummy answer or changing hosts

    I’m a bit of a techie geek and I know how hard it really is to actually hack something. Using brute force it would technically take years, and by using any other methodology – well, it’d just be too hard, because nothing really exists much anymore because of security updates.

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