One Down; One More To Go

So, my first paper’s over. How odd. I don’t feel any different: Not happier nor relief. Nothing. Just… feel the same as last week.

And I was feeling like it was the holidays already…


  1. Rating happiness on school papers is definitely not the way to go. Happiness is chocolate when you’re surfing the crimson wave.

  2. lol Papers are quite stressful! Surprised…! I have a HUGE wave of relief once I’m done..and I’m usually very happy to hand in my paper lol

  3. Don’t worry, I know how you feel. At least you have one paper down already, and one more paper to go. I’m only starting tomorrow! Ahh! Ending on Friday. *nods* Exams do suck, trust me.

  4. teehee. sounds liek the way i felt last week, during my prelims! I have absolutely no feelings about the papers i took. I guess i was just too immune to them.
    Anyway, good luck for ur papers ya?

  5. i wish i had a paper to write, i miss not being in school! i wish my college will hurry up and get back to me because i cant take it without knowledge. good luck on your next paper.

  6. Haha, someone’s at a stoned stage, eh?

    When does the holidays start for you? It started on Monday for me (at New Zealand).

    take care hon!

  7. Aaargh. My final exams are coming up soon. AND I haven’t studied. Bleah. School is hell (so I guess it’s a good thing I’m finished). Good luck.

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