Straight Hair Again!

Yep! So, my hair’s straight once again thanks to the technology of rebonding! Seems like I’m going to be like Elisiaórebonding and re-rebonding and re-re-rebonding…

… and it goes on.


  1. I can’t decide if I like straight hair or curly hair better. I’ve always wanted my (fairly straight hair) put into ringlets but I fear it’d look utterly stupid. Either way, I like /long/ hair. >:]

  2. ayes. i dont like rebonded hair. lol! too straight hairs scare me. they’re way too neat for me. teehee. I don tlike sitting there for a longlong time either. u must have loads of patience huh! lol

  3. Hi Nadine!!:) wanted to stop by and say hi!!! Hope to hear more from u soon. I will try my best to blog but since i only get online at the office is a lil bit difficult..TAKE CARE:d

  4. haha straight hair looks good on some people, but really bad on others. Straight hair came in style like a year or 2 ago and everyybody seemed to have it, but now people are starting to like that wavy/curly hair better. Whats wrong with curly hair anyway?

    Mine is naturally wavy, and I used to straighten it a lot until I realized that straight hair in fact made me look weird..hahah…..

    wait, i never heard of rebonding?

  5. hello there! wOw! i want to rebOnd my hair also but my friends told me that mine is straight already which will only cause damage. =]

  6. I love blue too! I read your “about me” page… very interesting… I may say… ^ ^ rebounding is cool.. here in France they dont know what is rebound… I wish I can go back to Korea or to my country to do that thing.. I have a wavy, fizzy, annoying hair as well.. I dont really like it.. Im hoping you could post a pics of yours.. ^ ^

  7. your gonna have to post a picture I wanna see what rebonding is!?

    though it sounds expencive so I’ll stick with my hair straightners!

  8. Woah, what’s rebonding?
    I really like your layout, it’s so simple and light and easy to read! How nice for a change.

  9. I wanted to rebond like 374093059 years ago but got no chance.
    =( Maybe must wait after hari raya. lol.

  10. I’ve always had straight hair. I wish I knew what it was like to have curly hair. I think I’ll have to try it one day, simply because it’s an experience. I suppose it’d be bouncy. I have a friend with really great red bouncy hair. At any rate, I’m at school, so I bid you adieu.

  11. Never heard of rebonding before. My hair is wavy/curly, and I like it that way. (Even wish it was a little curlier.)

    Somebody named Smith said you don’t celebrate Halloween? Neither do I!

  12. Straight hair? Awesome… I don’t know what rebonding is either.. I just made my hair curly recently since I’ve had straight hair my whole life!

  13. hi im 10 years old, i think im too young for this site.anyway, is rebonding safe for a 10 year old girl?

  14. i have slightly curly hair and i hate it! i want to have those shiny,silky,straight hair. i was thinking of going to that salon in Chinatown that makes hair straight by doing that thing called rebonding. is it safe for a young girl like me?(im 10 years old too, just like Dianne^^)

  15. im very interested. i have really curly hair (ringlets) my friends tell me when i have straight hair i look great. because i always straighten my hair. im 12 years old almost 13 can i rebond it?

  16. cool. I want to try that but, I’ve been hearing 2 different views about hair rebonding. Is it really worth it to get a hair rebonding? my hair is somewhat thick and a little bit wavy. I’m so tired of using a flat iron. I so want my old natural straight hair back. I don’t know what happened to my hair it all of a sudden became wavy and thick. (sigh) and I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with having wavy/curly hair it’s just that mine is not the clean looking one. Mine is somewhat has that a little frizz, top half of my head is wavy, and bottom half is straight. lol. All I can really say is that it’s just messed up.

  17. hey i am thinking of getting my hair rebonded.I have mid length hair,which r naturally strait bt whn i half tie thn or pin thm….the rest of d hair look frizzy n a little wavy…
    i personally do nt like that kinda look…
    volume wise i dnt hv really thick hai…
    so wat shud i do…
    plz help guys….

  18. Hi! I Really Take Good Care Of My Hair……. I Tried Everything To Make It Sraight But I Really Want My Hair Rebonded AT DAVID’S SALON!!!!!! BUT SOMETIMES MY CLASSMATES SCARE Me…….. So What Should I do? MY HAIR IS SUPER CURLY
    (I AM 10 YEARS OLD TOO!!!! PLS ANSWER!!!!!!)

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