1. Are you asking for an answer?? hahaha.. dude, that’s our topic in geometry right now. Pythagorean theorem if i’m not mistaken. x=5

    It’s Pythagoras

  2. 42 + 32 = 25
    So x = 5! Yep, Hazel was right
    And it is Pythagorean theorem. Pythagoras is the name of the person who came up with the theorem

    That’s rather odd. I remember learning it as the Pythagoras theorem. Honestly, I’ve never came across Pythagorean before :?

  3. its 5.

    using pythagoras theorem, add the square of both sides to give you the square of x, which is 25. therefore x is 5.

    hope it helps =)

  4. Haha cute!! Yeah, it’s 5 like everyone else said if you were looking for the answer though. I actually liked Geometry…well better than Algebra. I’m in Algebra 2 now though, and I think it’s easier than Algebra 1 lol weirrdd.

  5. x = square root of 4 square+ 3 squared

    so it’s going to be square root of 16 + 9 = square root of 25

    therefore, the answer would be x = 5.

    Wow. I answered it. @_@

  6. yes me too! I hate school right now so much right now and yes, I had really fun very nice site you have here, and thanks for the comment!

  7. Omg, YES. I just had Geometry last year and I wanted to give my teacher this answer to every one of his questions ;P

    In your “Girl” section, you mentioned that you recently read a story in poetry format. Those are really awesome. Have you read “Jinx” or “One Night” by Margaret Wild? Those are great. I intend on reading that “One of those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies” because I heard of it before.

    Btw, I’m Korean, but most people think that I look incredibly older for my age (which is just 15). But then my mother looks young for her age. Maybe I will have a transition when I get older XD!

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