Almost To The End…

So, it’s almost the end of the term—as well as the end of the year—and that is when all the deadlines start sneaking in.

I’m serious—they sneak up on me when I am totally unaware and when I realise that I have only got less than a week to meet that deadline, I start to panick.

So not much news or updates around for some time…

To think that I have to mug for my tests during the Christmas break


  1. Urg… okay lets try this again… Deadlines. >___> Hate them. I don’t normally panic though until its like the day before something is due. Then I panic.

  2. ahhh end of term, or as i would like to call it “the month of DOOMNESS” the month of where we grow white hair, stress out, live on coffee, etc.

  3. Hi girl =D
    I received your message and I will answer as soon as possible =D
    In the meantime, I just wanted to say that you and your site really ROCK =D
    Have a nice day!


  4. yeah the term is almost over here too. break starts in liek a week. good luck on your tests and stuff. oh and i made you a layout just don’t know how to gewt it to ya. bye.

  5. hello there
    It appears, I’ve traded link with you! (btw, I’m Ann, #277!)
    okay, first of all: The link you have up on your page needs to be updated! I am now at instead of so please update your links to ! Thank you

    second of all: A patch update! I really am tired of my old patch, so I’ve made a new one! The new patch is attatched, and I’d appreciate it if you’d change that too If you need a URL, here’s a URL of my new patch:

    so really, just please update my link and my patch want to go to my q’bee quilt? go to:
    Thanks! buzz by soon, and I’ll bee back if I don’t see any changes happening!


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