I need to get my act together. I’ve been lazing around, doing a bit of this and that, and not concentrating with either school, work or online commitments. This kinda suck (imho). Yes, I don’t have the urge to study (despite the fact that tests are next week), and that I’ve got some stuff to settle. Not to mention that I really need to find out how to tweak this layout.

Bah. I wish there were more than 24 hours per day…


  1. Man, I wish there are more that 24 hours too! Bah, school is starting in a week for me and I’m NOT loving it. Bleh.

  2. lol i know what u mean ive been putting off so many essays and such grrr dreading going back!!
    and more than 24 hours wud b gud!
    ps. ur layouts fab!

  3. Is it the WordPress layout you don’t know how to customize, or do you just not know how to build/customize webpages? I think I could help you, if you need it.

    Thanks Anne. I’m working on a WordPress theme. Should I need help, I’ll holler for you?

  4. >>Bah. I wish there were more than 24 hours per day

    I used to think like that too before, but when I found out the quote “Life is simple… we are the ones who makes it complicated” I said to myself… Oh yeah… 24 hours is enough for us if we use our time correctly

  5. butbutbut
    if there were more than twenty four hours in a day
    then school would be longer O:

    i have like four essays to finish and i have to read a seven hundred and eighty one page book by the end of the holidays, not to mention my science project. –;

    so yup, i know how you feell….

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