New Theme!

Finally! After 9483570394 gazillion years, I have come up with a brand spanking new layout! And I really, really, really adore it to pieces *attempts to hug layout*

It took me half a day to come up with my rough idea and editing the images, a day to code it in Notepad and half a morning to convert it over to WordPress pages. Results? I present to you “Pretty Feet” (Uh, look at the footer image and you’ll understand.)

So this theme will probably stay up until I have time to make and code another theme *mehehehe* Wanted to save this for 2006 but I guess I’m way too excited

Happy New Year to everyone!
And may 2006 be a better year for all!


  1. ahh I adore this new layout Very nice and the color sheme looks very nice to! Ouh, rouge is best! haha Yeah I’d love to exchange links! I’ll add you in a minute ..

  2. oo oo oo
    can i rape your layout? please? =D
    happy new year, and every other holiday for the next four months >>; =)

    xx -kaela♥

  3. I super love this layout! you did a great job on it.. very original looking too

    happy (early) new year to you too!

  4. This theme is beautiful Really pretty, I like the colors you’ve used too, purple and pinkish and how you make the footer and the header, very creative.. Happy New Year too =D Hope the new year will be great for you as well.

  5. Wow the layout looks awesome. I always have trouble customising WordPress themes, so I gave up on it, lol. Anyway, thanks for the comment on my site and Happy New Year

  6. Hi there! Love your new layout..! Never seen the old one but this ones just gorgeous..

    thought you said you hated pink though “This is… all about Nadine who hates pink.”

  7. aww thank you Yeah I don’t usualy like dresses but that one is fab lmao ^__^
    anyhow, happy new year and hope you have a great time tonight ^__^

  8. wow. look at you! it’s only been 12 hours since the 31st and you’ve already received 18 comments on your preetiful layout!

  9. Hey, the layouts stunning!!!
    love the footer as well it rocks!!! very unique!!!
    hope u have a happy new year!!

  10. nice job on the layout! i wish i wasn’t so lazy so I could make one!

    btw: wp 2.0 isn’t ENTIRELY slow… it’s just the editor that comes with it, which you have the option of turning off. once your browser caches the admin page, it’s not bad. give it a try! remember to back up!

  11. gorgeous colours. i really like how you included part of the layout at the bottom. I don’t always know how to “end” the page and sometimes people forget about it. You did a good job and I think it helps make your site stand out.
    I also love the subtle hover effects of your navigation. (=
    -hops off to look around*

  12. yeah I know Well, that happends hehe, and yeah I’ll try to have it saty in my mind
    thx for the sweet comment and good luck with your site and everything xxNadja

  13. Aw, this theme is gorgeous! It looks amazing. And attempting to hug a layout is weird..I wanna try! ;p

    Happy new year!!

  14. the new skin is lovely I love the shades of purple! Thanks for dropping by, and hope you had a happy new year!

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