At times, I feel that I am a great procrastinator. No matter how well I plan my stuff, I still end up completing my assignments last minute, studying for test in the final hour and rushing to school in a taxi.

Three weeks ago, I planned a schedule to start revising my maths and java. I tried staying home, told my manager not to put me to work for two weeks and printed my notes from the school’s site. Till today, I have only completed two chapters on maths and none of java. The maths paper would be tomorrow and java the day after. What on earth am I thinking now? To think that I am still idling my time.

Someone, please, whack me in the head or something.


  1. Aww..don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I procrastinate a lot, and i mean, ALOT. I know how you must be feeling now. I know it sucks. I would plan everything and end up not do things as planned. Sigh. Someone needs to whack me in the head too.

  2. That happens to me from time to time. It’s amazing how much you can plan and still not be able to do it on time. I hate doing things last minute but it happens more often than not.

  3. I think you have exactly the same problem as me. I’m also awful with it. Two years ago I had to see the school councillor it was that bad. We put it down to me either a. needing the pressure of a impending deadline to push me into action or 2. a fear that my work would be rejected, so if I didn’t put my best into it, I always had the excuse of ‘not having enought time to do it in or that I didn’t revise. If that makes sense. Most people just don’t understand how painful it is inside, they just think you’re lazy. But I can fully sympathise with you as I’m in the same bloody boat! Oh you have a fanlisting? XD I’ll have to join. You’re always on Classik arguing against my ideas *fistshake* Hehe j/k. I will join of course though! I love your post-a-holism! XD

  4. C’mon NADINE shake that habit. It is tough though, I procrastinate all the time. I have been trying to change for years. Anyway, I just stumbled upon yout site and thought I would say hello. Thank you for sharing. I love the layout.

    Peace be with you always. And may GOD continue to bless you.


  5. nadine this layout is super duper cute! i love it lotsss!

    haha ur a last minute person =] its okie i am too =p

  6. I think most people do. Me too.. and i hate it… *sigh* i dont know whats the cure with this thing… if you find one.. let me know!

  7. Hey Nadine!!! Oh you’re back at Sweet.

    I’m a good procrastinator too *high fives* like what I’m doing now.

    Happy new year, dear!

  8. I am a great procrastinator too. But that’s because I work better at the last minute, at least that’s what I think.

    I’m loving your current layout. Lovely.

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