Final Term

School. Is. Killing. Me.

It’s the final term and I am so dead (as usual). I have got five assignments to complete for this term. Not to mention five papers to sit at the end of the term. And with the Chinese New Year drawing near, I am so not able to enjoy this particular festive season because half the time, my mind will be on my school work or my nose will be buried in my notes.


  1. Hey! I love your layout, very elegant. I know what you mean about the schoolwork I mean, a little studying here and there for college is fine, but when they PILE IT ON like there is no tomorrow, then its rediculous! I hope you get to enjoy your holidays at least a little

  2. you move back here? heh, i was at and realised it had become your writing site. love the illustration for that, and this is freaking sweet, and it’s violet!!

    i guess this is what itp is slightly better than normal sch routine. sigh. the semester is ending soooon, 7 weeks more!

  3. Hey Sweetie. I am sorry school is being hard at the moment it isn’t fare But you will get there, you are very smart. I will be happy when the Chinese New Year begins, that one just hasn’t agreed with me. I think the next, is the year of the dog? Which should be better as they are a ‘friendly’ sign. So Hopefully that will be good

    I love this theme by the way. I wish I could make something as talented as this I am so jealous but just amazed at what you can create

    Take care. I think I might have removed the link to your site because I am an idiot and thought you didn’t have this anymore and had a new blog. I will add you again now, sorry about that. *hug*

  4. I’m so looking forward to going back to school! I’m ready to finish college. It’s hard at times but worth it! I love this site layout too btw!

  5. Yeah, I know what you mean about a lot of work. I should be studying right now for my science final… you know, since it’s almost time for my to sleep, but procrastination isn’t the problem, it’s the solution. So procrastinate now, don’t put it off.

  6. School is just hell fullstop. I have an essay due on Monday that I haven’t even started, and two weeks into next semester I need to have decided my dissertation topic O_o I hope everything gets better for you. And that you can enjoy the festivities. Ack, education dos suck doesn’t it?

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