Another Year Older

I want to wish one very special person and one close friend of mine a happy birthday.

Happy 22nd birthday Jun Wei!
You’ll be my only guy I ever need! I hope you enjoyed your time today.

Happy 18th birthday Joel didi!
Hope you have fun now that you’re a legal!


  1. Ooh happy birthday to them. It’s mine soon as well, huzzah! XD You know, I just spent an unhealthy amount of time going through your webcam archive. Can you tell I’m avoiding an essay? I’m such a good student… such a good one XD

  2. So many birthdays! Happy birthday to them too Your site is still so sweet… ah *swoonsandgobang*
    Stupid Maple Story! It won’t let me play! *whine whine*

  3. Well happy birthday to them both! I love birthdays. I love celebrating birthdays and sending gifts. My birthday was on December 24 and now I have to wait a whole 11 months until my next one. *lol*

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