Reunion Dinner 2006

This is a rather delayed post. (Only because I was waiting for my sister to transfer the photos from her Nikon to the computer.)

My family on my dad’s side had our reunion dinner super early this year. Exactly two weeks earlier. For those who are confused, we usually have reunion dinners on the eve of the Lunar New Year (which falls on the 29th this year).

If one has been reading my blog for more than two years, one would remember that I have this cousin Natalie (now 13-years-old) who is addicted to this card game called Dai Dee. And if one remembers this blog entry, one would recall yours truly trying to please her by playing at the dinner table.

Anyway, for the third year running, we cousins were playing Dai Dee again.

This year though, we have a new addition to the family: Cousin Esther.

Because my 15-year-old sister Nicole has “brainwashed” Esther’s older sister Abigail when she was a baby, my 17-year-old brother Anders and I are attempting to “brainwash” Esther in hope that she would like us ask much as Abigail likes Nicole.

(Abigail only attaches herself to her parents and Nicole. Apparently, she doesn’t interact with the rest of us.)

Enough talk. Here are the pictures

Reunion Dinner
Judaxil, Esther and Anders

Reunion Dinner
Esther playing with my Motorola E398

Reunion Dinner
Esther and Me


  1. ahh yeah I know its so scary when a pedophile is free :S but yeah the police should get him .. donnu why they haven’t catched him though! Anyways, SO CUTE PICTURES XD XD
    hope you have a fab day =)
    xx Nadja

  2. you look so cute carrying the baby i have never carried one before, feels as though i will crack their bones~

  3. oh WOW. u know, i haven’t checked ur site in a LONG time, so when i came in, i was like, oh LOOK NEW LAYOUT!!! n it’s pink!!! wow. ok well, imma email u back right now, coz u sent me an email a week ago.

    btw, happy chinese new year….cute kid.

  4. Oh how cute! Brainwashing is always good, especially when small children are involved! Go you! XD btw. You’ve been tagged *cackle*

  5. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a kiss. Yes, I did have fun. What a cute baby!! At first I thought it was yours!! LMAO!!

  6. Awww, your cousin is so adorable and precious! Good luck on the whole attachment thing you and your brother are trying to do! Great pictures as well! Everyone looks so happy! Take care hun!

  7. Esther’s a dear! She’s a rather big baby, isn’t she? Or are you just rather small? =p And you don’t look like a mom at all! Babies are adorable, but I just get uncomfortable when they starts wriggling and slipping out of my grip. Oh, and the inexplicably continuous salivation. 0.o

    Your brother’s familiar. Hmm.

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