At Work

Three days ago, while at work, I spotted my ex-lecturer who recognised me.

Yesterday, while at work, I spotted this guy I met at camp more than 10 years ago who recognised me and even remembered my name!

And I learnt that chamomile tea tastes like chewed chewing gum. Ewe.


  1. 10 years ago? That’s pretty crazy. Then again, I can still remember what people look like from years a go even if I barely knew them. Now I’m just happy if a current lecturer can recognise me. So far only one has.

    Ew, chewing gum?

    Not just chewing gum but chewed chewing gum. Technically, like the taste has been gone.

  2. Rawr. I’ve been neglecting blogs. =(

    But camomile tea’s good! And helps with those.. cramps. You should know what I mean.

    And no, don’t ask how I know. It’s just one of those things I picked up.

  3. Do you remember the name of the guy whom you met at camp? I probably wouldn’t, and I’d feel so embarrassed How nice of him to remember your name, though!

    chewed chewing gum!? eeww. actually chewed gum tastes kind of tasteless to me XD

  4. Lol that happened to my mom at the mall, she used to work at Meijers and this guy (this was almost 15 years agoto tell you.) said “Bina is that you?!” and they were like OMFG wow. It was pretty funny, oh and don’t worry about being the oddball in the family. Although I can see you aren’t and never were. Maybe. My family wanted me to be super smart and be a great runner like my sister or a basket basketball player like my Uncle. I was the oddball who turned away from ;earning her own language instead learning Japanese and writing fanfics and poetry. Sad really when your family sets expectations for you. Or maybe not, we all do it. Anyway to make this no longer, I’ll just say nice site, and adios!

  5. People sure have strong memories dont they? 10 years and that person still recognizes you? Cool! I can only recognize people whom ive met for like 5 years.. but 10.. i dont think so.

  6. dude, i love chamomile tea!! oh well.

    yea i have an INSANE memory. i can remember sooo much, and ALOT of random random details too.

    did u get my package???

  7. Oh, ick. I never knew that about tea. Actually, once I was chewing gum and I drank some tea, and they tasted a bit odd together. Well, of course. But don’t ask why I did it, I was kooky. I still am, as a matter of fact.

    Wow, talk about coincidences. Y’just keep seeing people you used to know popping up all around, eh? That happened for me a while back and I was shocked out of my mind. Well, if that camp guy was someone you didn’t know, and he came over to you, just smile and say “Hey… you!” Haha. Always does the trick.

  8. Lol, you are so recognised! I wonder if i would be recognised 10 years down the road. haha, tea = chewing gum. Noooooo! Tea = WOWIE. Er, anyway haiii, you have the susan and lucy pevensie fanlisting! AHHHHH. *Inner Narnia fan goes crazy*

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