I joined today. Even though it’s barely four days since they have opened, they have got over 70 active members and more than 30 pending!

So if you do join, do put Nadine as your referrer

What is It’s similar to Xposure but with side projects like site reviews. More may come soon.

Other than, I am done with two papers. Two more left!


  1. I’d join, except that while I was at Xposure, I was almost stagnant and didn’t bother to visit the sites given after a while.

    Good luck with the remaining papers!

  2. Despair looks cool. But I’m barely keeping up with my Xposure comments these days.

    Yay for finishing your papers!

  3. With my busy school schedule, I don’t think I’d be able to join Despair for now..maybe in March or April when I’m on summer vacation (= but I’m sure to put you as referrer if I do!

  4. I think I got your site again on Xposure lol.

    That’s so cool!

    As always, love the layout :D., I keep hearing about it. I might join it, tell me how it is…

    Good luck on your papers too!

  5. Yay for despair. it rawks. I’m a mod and I say so lol. Anyway good job on getting 2 of your papers done. Good luck on the others.

  6. I agree abou Depsair its a great web site. I only joined last Thursday but everyone is so nice and they actually have things running smoothly! Good luck with your other two papers.

  7. Weee, already joined! XD
    It’s sho much better than xposure already. I’m thinking of quitting the latter ever since I got sent a weird christian blog as one to comment on O_o

    ps. sorry if this goes through twice, I had a time out >

  8. Despair is awesome. Being a member’s bringing more traffic too, which is awesome
    Yay for having 2 papers done. Good luck with the other 2!

  9. I just joined Despair as well. It’s cool. Good luck with getting your papers done. Ugh, i think i’m going to fail my maths exam.

  10. Oh despair! Emma told me about it but im too lazy to join *smacks forehead* Ahh, i havent been at classik for a long time :(. I have toooo much hw. Oh and Nadine, how do you use those fanlisting scripts? I’m struggling with my aslan/peter fanlisting. XD Help! I think i added you on msn but whatever. I think.. add me if i didnt (email ^^)
    Sorry yeah. Oh good luck for your papers! XD

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