Yay For Holidays!

And so, I am technically (but not officially) freed from Year 1. Oh, how I am about to embrace Year 2 (with much dread, I must add)! Why not officialy? Well, I have got to wait for my results in April. Once I manage to pass every single darn module, I do not need to repeat anything!

I am too happy to care about smaller details at the moment.

Oh! I managed to get the last two box sets of Cardcaptor Sakura’s manga! 6 volumes and I devoured them in two days! This is bad… I need new mangas to entertain me :?

One more thing! Do, do, do kindly vote for me at Labelled Taxi! Would really appreciate an award since I have not been getting any in a long, long while


  1. I hope you pass year 1, good luck with that. My brother reads some kind of Manga and I’ve glanced at them a few times. I have no idea what’s going on though, so it doesn’t appeal to me really. Nice site though, I really like the layout. =)

  2. Haha, I remember when I was into manga. I haven’t read any lately but I should, lol. I remember when Cardcapture Sakura was a TV show, good old days I say. xD

    I know this is a weird quesiton, but what is Year One and Year Two? Anyways, good luck on moving onto Yr. two!

  3. Well You should just pick up a stick that has something that can catch a ball in. And hey You can almost play lacrosse

    =D Where do you live?

  4. I’m not really a fan of manga. However, I remember watching Cardcaptor Sakura on tv and it’s great Hope you’ll pass every single module with flying colors

  5. Good luck with your modules! I had to repeat some of my modules from last semester, this semester. its nasty! xxx

  6. I have no idea what you mean by year 1 & 2, but good luck! And I’m sure you’ll pass

    Oh and I voted for you

  7. I hope you get good results, and congrats on finishing year 1 I voted for you, I hope you win an award, you sure deserve it!

  8. Congratulations on finishing year one hun, hope the second year is just as good for you =) Good luck with all the modules, eek, sounds nerve-racking! I hate waiting for results.. grr. Hehe, two days, wow. I hope you find some more to keep you entertained ;D

  9. You’ll definitely pass everything. Don’t worry!

    You read manga? I never knew that! I didn’t read cardcaptor..but I watched the anime few years back and it was great. Maybe you should try fushigi yuugi, or full metal alchemist. Or maybe kare kano. Those are a few that I personally like.

  10. Aww that’s great you’re done with year 1.
    I hope you get good grades.
    *goes off to vote for you*

  11. I remember when my friends were into manga. I never understood why they liked it, and I’m so happy they grew out of it, haha. You got your SOTM vote from me, but you’re still a bit behind.

  12. OOOO! I tied it up for you! (you can thank me later…)

    Seriously though, I just want to say that I adore the site. Really, I do. It’s very elegant and professional looking!

  13. UGH, you have to wait till april?! That so sucks. I had to wait 4 weeks to get my GED results. It so sucked ;( I love your site btw

  14. Hm, well good luck with Year two! Even if that may not be for a while….Oh well. Mangas? That is like anime stuff right? Yeah I don’t like Anime. Only anime I ever liked was um…Haha Sailor Moon. And oh I voted for you

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