Down with the Flu

NOW I know how it feels like to be light-headed. I think I overdosed on the cough syrup or something because before I knew it, my head was spinning and I couldn’t even walk straight! No kidding!

I tried archery yesterday but was too ill to continue today. Anyway, archery has left me a mark to remember—a blood clot and two large bruises. Not to mention both my upper arm muscles ache (oh ohhhhh).

I have been indulging in Fullmetal Alchemist anime and Death Note manga for the past few days. Interesting plots and storylines which makes me want to get the books and DVDs

Ok. Time to hit the bed again. My head is spinning

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  1. FMA is totally cool~~!! =)

    You now then discovered it ah? The anime was out since early last year or izzit late 2004…err…not so sure lah…XP

    I absolutely love the characters Edward and Alphonse. They both are so kawaii~~!! =)

    Hopefully you know where to get the movie dvd…coz I watched it in Japan without subs, and I didn’t really understand the dialogue. So hopefully the movie dvd will have subs…but the japan version most likely will not have, simply coz its an anime movie…

    ~Hellsbane aka Boss sis~

  2. I hope you get better soon!

    I could never do archery … I am too girly and would proberly having a spass attack lmao!

  3. oooh I hate getting light-headed; I get them all the time! especially when I get up from lying down for awhile. feel better!

  4. Aw, I hope you get to feeling better. I hate taking medicine. Most of the time it makes me even sicker.

  5. Aww I’ve never managed lightheadedness from cough syrip. Do get better though! Ouch, blood clots? I still want to do archery though XD

  6. Lightheadedness from cough syrup? uh oh! I hope you get better soon!

    Archery, hm. I’ve only done that once, when i was in 6th grade haha. I wasn’t to great at it. o_O

  7.’re a tough chick :p hehe…it’s nice. I think archery is elegant. It reminds of K Knighley in King Arthur.
    I know no one who practices it. Would you recommend it? I am into martial arts and I think archery could be interesting too.

    Thanks for the comment on my site by the way.
    Have a nice day!!

  8. Aw, I’m sorry you’re sick. And that you overdosed on cough medicine. I tried archery when I was on holiday once, I loved it. It’s a shame you were too ill to continue and that you got bruised and whatnot.

  9. take care sis!! im still slogging with my end of semester studio project with so many sleepless nights i’m sick too..T_T today is yet another sleepless night..

    its not nice to be get well soon ok??

    i’ve never tried archery before! i would if i could, but i don’t know where i can.. hehe.

    still voting for you whenever i can…been busy x_x i think i voted like 3 times so far..will vote more!! hope you win!!

  10. Is it SP one? I went for one practice before and omg, it takes too much energy to pull that damm arrow that what I initially thought. Heh, that was the last time i went as well. But it was fun. Sleep more and drink more water!

  11. gotta take care of yourself girl…! *hugs*

    *kicks the flu away from you*

    I always wanted to try’d you get those bruises anyway? I hope you didn’t get hit by a stray arrow though!

  12. I hope you feel better love. Oooh cough syrup, ehm drink properly. Archery is fun but need a lot of strength haha. I feel like reading Death Note too. Ahh the pull of anime/manga. Haha. Take care. Sleep, drink water and be well again. Smile. =D

  13. Aww, being suck is always a bummer; I hope you feel better! We had a little kiddie “archery unit” in PE once…it was fun, haha. But I kept slicing my hand with the feathers x_x Oh, and I LOVE FMA too! I’m going to finish watching it on Adult Swim (TV) and then I can watch the subbed one on my own

  14. I find it easy to OD on numerous things when you’re sick. I OD’ed on cough drops when I was sick LOL. I hope you feeling better soon!

  15. I used to be addicted to Nyquil. O_O So I know how it is to be all light-headed and stuff. Feel better!

  16. Cough syrup is not to be taken lightly, you can get really dizzy if you take to much, I know!
    Hope you’ll feel better soon.

    I haven’t seen FMA, I’m more into horror anime like Hellsing..

  17. Being sick is lame, as I feel on that right about now. I like the layout, I like the colors alot.

  18. I used to like cough syrup because I thought it tasted nice.

    FMA is the best! I haven’t read the manga yet..but I’ve finished watching the anime and have already watched it twice! I heard that there’s a movie made but I don’t think its available yet.

  19. Hope you get better. I’ve been getting sick lately too. Just rest and drink lots of fluids. I have to admit, archery is harder than it looks lol o.o

  20. Golly, why is everyone down with the flu. Must be the weather.

    I hope you’ll get well soon, nonetheless! Take plenty of warm water and vitamin C, and don’t forget to have a good rest!

  21. Hey! Wow… Overdosing on the cough medicine? That’s not good!

    Hope you’re feeling better now!

  22. aww, i hope you get well soon! everyone’s been sick this past month . and it sucks . anyways, i’ve tried archery in PE class and its fun . luckily i was never bruised btw, adorable layout, i love the colours !

  23. I’m sure someone’s already mentioned this, but since I’m too lazy to read through 30 comments, I’ll just say it again Cough Syrup = Dextromethorphan = Disassociates your mind from your body, and the rest of your physical setting. Effects are: euphoria, creative, dreamlike experiences, forgiveness and warm feelings towards others, hallucinations (In very high doses), skin and touch sensations similar ecstasy, and confusion and disorientation.

    Anyhoo. I hope you feel better soon – being sick sucks balls :S

  24. I hope that you feel better soon. I hate feeling dizzy! I’ve never tried archery, but I would to. It looks fun! How did you get a blood clot though?

  25. Awww…hope it gets better! I know how it feels to have that spinning feeling. I hate it. Get a lot of rest and drink plenty of water! =)

  26. I love your site, the layout is so awesome I think I have fallen it love with it! Great work. Hope you feel better from the flu, I have a stomach bug at the moment so I know how crappy it is, so get well really soon

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