I waited 2 weeks for these…

Finally, after waiting online for more than two weeks, I finally got the photographs from Joanne’s birthday chalet! I was more eager to have our ‘neoprint’ shots because they looked really cool despite us looking like idiots

Our 'Neoprint' Shots

And a final note: a big THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for me every now and then. I’m catching up!


  1. nadine! you look older! ahha.. sortaaaaa.. i guess older than the first pic i saw of you.. which was… a few years back. wow that’s a long timeee!!!

  2. Hello!
    The pictures are cute & look ABSOLUTELY funn!

    Yeah, school’s busy for me, especially when you’re in a club that requires .. a tremendous amount of work. ): Ahahah.

  3. Haha, I’m loving those pictures. There so awesome. Looks like you all had tons of fun. By the way, I love this layout.

  4. Those are very nice pictures. It looks like you guys had lots of fun at the party.

    This layout is awesome too!

  5. ah, thanks for the comment hunnie and that you applied for sotm ^__^ anyhow the pictures is so cute looks like you had a stunning time!

  6. hi first time here and your site looks great!love the layout~~isnt it nice to take pictures with friends cos they sometimes can be very crazy while taking it haha….anyway have a nice day!

  7. Great pictures! You and your friends are just so adorable. Looks like you had fun at the chalet!

  8. You look the same to me since the first time we met –
    Cute and Bubbly
    AHA! Caught you being “friendly” with Perr =P, how could u do this to me? *lol*

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