Happy Birthday YUI!

A month after releasing her successful debut album, YUI turns 19!

Otanjoubi omedetou!

I can’t wait for her album From Me To You to arrive in Singapore!


  1. Your info zun or not? I thought she’s born in year 1987? So how can she be 23?

    I failed my maths :mrgreen:

  2. Oh happy birthday to Yui too!
    Oooh u play maple story too? i used to, but not now. that new Aquila thing loooks WONDERFUL.

  3. Omg you like her too? I think she’s got the greatest voice ever! Plus, she writes her own songs and they’re all so nice! I can’t wait for her album to arrive in SG too!

  4. Oh ya, I don’t think her album will be sold in Singapore. She’s not a well-known artiste like Ayumi or Namie. If not for “Tomorrow’s Way” used as the theme song for Hinokio, she’ll still be an unknown in the indies category.

    There might be a chance that HMV will bring it in but it’ll be a Japanese import so the price will probably be about $70. Something like Kuraki Mai. And I can say that Kuraki Mai is more well-known than YUI…so what do you think?

    OMG. Tell me you’re kidding. Ok, you’re not. But why so expensive?!

  5. damn I wish I still lived in Singapore – good music there!

    I wonder if its available in china….I’m going there next week!

  6. Yay for Yui. I’ve never heard of her, but happy birthday to her. ;D I never knew you lived in Singapore! Gah. *is slow*

  7. i’ve never heard of Yui actually, lol, but happy birthday to her!! =DD
    i wish i lived in singapore though hehe. somewhere where id like to go one day =)

  8. You live in Singapore? You have good english XD

    Whoever Yui is, happy birthday to her I’ve never been to Singapore, in chinese we call it ‘sing-ah-poh’ lol

  9. Ermz…well, I guess I have to add a new comment to continue.

    All along we’ve been buying Taiwan press which is averagely $20-25. Japanese albums are priced 3000 yen and above which comes up to about $45-50. Slap on the shipping and what not…plus HMV’s extra bucks. $70, there you go.

    And now you know why the Japanese themselves don’t really buy cds.

    Ohhh Perhaps I’ll check HMV first then maybe another CD store. Thanks!

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