Holiday Blues

Even though it’s the holidays, I still feel tired and busy. Like the accumulated work that I have been putting behind until school ends keeps increasing and I am unable to find enough time to complete them.

Not to mention I have been working my ass off at the restaurant to earn extra money since I am financially low at the moment.

Other than all these miserable blues, I still have things that I have been enjoying. I’ve been busy making fanlistings as well as icons. After completing a fanlisting or a batch of icons, I get this sense of satisfaction that is hard to describe.

One may say that it’s a total waste of time and it doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

But to me, it means a lot of things.


  1. I would love to work, but I can’t find any! So I’m practically just doing nothing almost everyday. BORING.

    I would never say that its a total waste of time to make fanlistings as well as icons. Icons are fun to make, and to make a fanlisting requires lots of work.

  2. Better than doing nothing. A little bit of everything makes a difference. Ok. *hugs* Yea, fanlisting is fun. That reminds me. i can’t seem to find my name in your site, ilovemyname clique that i’ve joined in nov04. =/ i still got your mail – “You have been added”.

  3. Ugh I understand about not making enough money. It’s so stressful!

    Oh I am thrilled over the Liz Parker Icons! Just fantastic!

    Thank you! It was my very first batch of icons (I’ve no previous experience in icon-making) and I’m glad you like them

  4. I completly understand. There really is no reason for me to even keep a blog yet doing so gives this feeling of satisfaction.

  5. I believe that it’s OK to do things that may seem like a waste of time. Sometimes you just need to take time out of a busy school day and have fun!!

  6. If doing something makes you happy, then do it and don’t care what others might think. Designing and making graphics always helps me to relax from my busy schedule.

    Your site is gorgeous!

  7. I get that tired and busy feeling… most from school. So much to do and accomplish and such…. Also, I should get a job. I always feel bad when I have to ask my parents money. I should be independent and whatnot. But I shall see. Anyways. It’s awesome you’ve made fanlistings and icons! I should start updating my site more often. O___o

    Thank you!

  8. Hehe, I know what you mean about all of the schoolwork!!!!

    Anyways, yeah, some people say that having a site and completing stuff like fanlistings and such is a waste of time, but to me, like you, it does mean a lot!!

  9. Yays! lol Holidays are fun, but I get lazy lol. I have to work extra at a resturant too…its pretty damn sucky lol. I love your site!

  10. I hope you find time to complete your school work! I am trying to do my work before I break up for easter and then I can spend more time with my boyfriend!

  11. beautiful layout.
    hope you can catch up with your’s a bummer to get behind!
    working..sigh. working is like trying to get ahead..but it’s just not working.

  12. I’m just bored out of my mind a lot lately! I wish I can have a busy life like you! That’s cause I’m unemployed and going to school a day a week.

    We all have different things we enjoy doing. Just do what you gotta do

  13. I don’t think making icons is a waste of time. If it makes you happy then of course it’s not a waste of time.

  14. I love the icons (or the teasers anyway… I’m at work and can’t download them :(). All your work at the restaurant will pay off once you’ve got all that cash

  15. i wouldnt mind working for some extra money ;D
    im so jealous of your Icon LJ… the overrides piss me off so i never really had a nice LJ layout before o___o
    your icons are pretty
    everyone is so into bleach XD

  16. I always procrastinate like you and I have got a job now, too. It’s really difficult doing both! Keep making icons though to relax because it’s nice sitting down making graphics when you’ve been busy all of the time. Your icons are really cool by the way. I wish that I could make them!

  17. Hiya! thankies for the comment .. aww.. sorry to hear you feel busy and stressed out you need some rest girl
    xx Nadja

  18. That’s great that you get satisfaction out of something like that, it’s always nice to feel that way. That sucks that you have had to do extra shifts but hey think of all the money!

  19. Hi girl, thanxs for the visit So glad i read about u, it has been so long!!! U work at a restaurant? What tye of rest? My ex and my cousin work at a restaurant and they kind of like it!!!
    Take care:)

  20. I had a look at your LJ page because I wanted to check your icons (since I am an icon maker myself ^__^ lol) you have done an excellent job

  21. Man, you are as cuckoo as I am when it comes to making icons lol I updated twice in the same week as well lol

    Working sucks. I have to say that now. I am thankful for my job but it does get old and make you run down. But the money is wonderful =)

  22. I love making Fanlistings and Icons and for those that don’t make them it is hard to understand how fun it really is to make them and see the result and just be proud. And the one thing is you always improve with what you are doing, I just love it.

  23. Ohh fanlistings are fun to do, I’m currently working on one myself. It does make one feel good when people take interest and join. Ohh I love icons. Yours are really nice. Hey girl, thanks so much for visiting my site. It is much appreciated.

  24. I agree. I’m actually living with someone who doesn’t under stand that designing is my get away. When I’m at hard times I make the best design at it cheers me up. It may seem dorky but it’s true.

  25. Sure it does. It’s like miniature pieces of art! I am doing the same thing about homework..I keep putting it off and the assignments keep pilling up. Will it ever end? Hopefully by the time it does, I will have ended my own laziness. I prefer to work on fun projects, and papers get to be last on my list of things to do.

  26. I was on spring break last week and I completely put off all my homework. It meant that I’ve been staying up late finishing them. Plus, tennis season started which makes me even busier! I hope you get everything accomplished!

    Of course making icons gives you a sense of pride. Their your own artwork and you should feel proud about them.

  27. yea im really busy too…its been a while since ive talked to you. but yea, things are crazy for me at the moment, i think, n i want to do my best in everything, feels a lil ridiculous.

  28. I love your site. I especially love the little leaves next to the headers =]

    Anyways, the icons are looking swell!

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