Thinking it over…

There are some decisions to be made and some that have already been made. I just need to put more consideration into my options and choose what’s best for me that won’t wear me down nor tire me out.

After all, school begins next week.


  1. Sometimes it seems hard to take decisions but is part of life process, decide what we think is the best for us, decided knowing things can change for better or for worse but the most important thing is to take the step, and making a decision is the beginnig of a dream:)

  2. Hey good luck with the decision making.. everybody knows that it isnt as easy as it seems, but hopefully you’ll be making the best decisions for you

    And good luck with school! I don’t want to make you feel bad but I’ve just started school holidays lol.

    Anyway, you take care!

  3. sometimes i really wish there is an easy way out – the perfect solution. however, that never seems to ever exist. all the best to your decision-making and have fun in school!

  4. Very vague, but I know exactly what you mean. I’m in the middle of making that kind of decision for myself, except probably on a different scale. In the end, you have to make a decision for yourself, because you’ll be the one to deal with the consequences of it later. Not anyone else.

    Good luck, we’re here for you!

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  6. Every Good decision is decided after it is thought over because the decision we make without thought often end in disaster.

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