Why are we paying for them?

After five months of working at the restaurant, I have noticed that whenever a couple dines together (be it friends, colleagues, lovers, etc), it will always be the lady who fishes out her card/cash when the bill is being presented.

I guess the times have changed. Women, I’m afraid, will soon dominate the world.

Fear us you testosteroned homo sapiens!


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  2. Haha..wait a minute..do we really want to be paying for everything? I would think we would want it the other way around..yes?

  3. Hmm, really, it’s the ladies paying for it?!! Wow… I don’t go out with guys often, but they’ve always paid for me… Hmm… Maybe it was just the guy that I was with. Hahah.

  4. juz wondering r u from shuqun pri sch??

    No I’m not. And please, be brave to leave a better alias than simply “anon”. Also, I would appreciate if you ask random questions via the contact form instead of the comments.

  5. I wouldn’t mind women dominating the world! My bf and I usually take turns paying, else we split the bill between us.

  6. It would be nice not paying once in awhile. I don’t mind paying that much though. Best of luck talk to you later bye

  7. woooo.. im scared. hahaha
    maybe flashing the card/cash gives them a sense of superiority. in other words, “im not weak and i depend on myself”

  8. I’ve never done that before. There’s a lot of ladies in my family but no guys really so I guess that’s different. :| I wouldn’t mind paying but if I was married, i’m like, “Honey, you paying or no make up sex tonightt” lmfao but I rather split the bill though.

  9. Really? That’s just really, really SAD. Sooner or later, we’ll see the men tending to the children and the women bringing in the income.


  10. wow really? for me, it’s always ALWAYS the guys. and personally, i like it that way. i kinda really like my money, i’d rather they pay.

  11. Oh no!! Where’s tradition gone?! I wouldn’t mind paying, but it’s the principle of the thing – the guy wants to be a man, so he should pay. Haha! How politically incorrect is this discussion? :p


  12. My boyfriend usually always pay although when he was going to school and wasn’t working, I was the footing the bill most of the time heh. I didn’t mind though, I guess I see it as a joint effort.

  13. Fear us you testosteroned homo sapiens…I find it hilarious!!
    Time has changed, when i was with my ex, we split or one day he invites or one day i invite, but if i’mm going out with a guy for the first time i prefer if they paid, jejej

  14. It’s because the ladies are the kind ones ;). I wouldn’t be fishing out my wallet before the man on a date! (Well, that is, if HE asked for the date).

  15. True, true! Women will soon dominate, but it should be the men to pay at restaurants. That’s just odd if it’s the woman who should pay.

  16. Heh. Personally I’d rather the guy paid. Guys are supposed to be leaders. (I don’t think women should dominate; God set men as the head.)

    I wonder where chivalry went…

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