Another Year

In less than nine hours, I will be starting the new school semester in a new school year. I am excited. Yet I’m afraid. Exactly like last year. Will I be able to work with my new classmates? Will I be able to keep up with my work? Will I be as busy as last year or even busier? Will I be able to survive this?

For all these and more, stay tuned and you’ll find out.


  1. good luck in your new school? I hope you’ll find good friends there… I know how is it like to enter in a new school… yeah… I’ve already experience it 10 times maybe and I hated it… I guess becoz people arent that friendly to me back then..; oh well I just pray that it wont happen to you and you’ll find good sets of friends there take care and God bless!!

  2. good luck! i’ve been in a new school 3 times…day one is never hard because you know you’re new & so does every1 else–but day 2 is painful.

  3. Try not to worry so much. I’m sure that everything will work out fine because you seem like a really cool person who anyone would be lucky to have as a friend. So hang in there and just enjoy the first day at your new school

  4. If you were scared last semster and that turned out all right, then this one should turn out okay aswell ;]

  5. awe..good luck with starting your new school. that’s always scary! but you’ll do fine..don’t freak yourself out!!

  6. The beginning of the year is always exciting. I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun. I just finished my year.

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