I know that you may have come by here by accident or by the usual blog readings and linkings or maybe you’re from either Despair or Xposure. Either way, please kindly take some time off and vote for my site at Time After Time Awards in the following categories:

  • Best Graphics
  • Best Layout
  • Best Old Site
  • Best Domain
  • Best Personal
  • Most Interesting Blog
  • Best Colour Scheme
  • Most Original Site Name
  • Best Webmistress
  • Best Overall

Updates on how school went will resume at the end of the week


  1. Good luck with all the voting.. I’m heading on over there right now.

    I hope school has gone well. =]

  2. What a great layout! It’s so clean without being too simple. The header graphic is beeeautiful! I’ll definitely vote for you.

  3. I came here by accident (no, more just ‘surfing on the net’ and clicked on a link to your site), but your blog is working! I voted, because I love the way your layout looks. So sereen! Nice work!

  4. I’m definitely going to go vote for you. Your site is sure to win in all categories. Hope that school is going well

  5. Wow! Lol, you’re running for a lot! But of course, I’ll vote for you in everything because your layout is awesome and first impressions are everything! =)

  6. Hi Nadine! Im Mari, the girl that adopted the true fanlisting…
    So, im here to say that your site is soooooooo CUTE!
    Congrats girl!



  7. Sure I’ll vote for the luffly Nadine! Am doing so now.
    School sucks, that’s all I have to say on the subject *hasexams*

  8. Hey! Oh my gosh, your layout is so very beautiful and elegant, you have no idea! I am so in love with it, I wanna steal it! Anyhow, I’ll vote for you… I wont even view the other sites haha.

  9. I went to vote, but it said that voting was over. You have a beautiful site though I love the soft colors you’ve used

  10. *adds more to comment*

    (evil enter button gettin hit midway x_x) … muwahahaha i managed just before they closed the votes – good thing this time i visited the blogs imediately after my exposure email came in muwhaahahaha XD …. and umm comented like over 5 hrs after ^^;; i’m so lazy! Anyway! Hope you’ll manage to winnnn!

  11. Pretty layout! I really like the colors- unfortunately the voting had ended by the time I clicked the voting link, sorry! Still, I hope you win!

  12. Awww, I’m too late for voting too. :*( But since your site is wonderful, and has been nominated in all these fantastic categories… I’m sure you’ll be alright! Good luck on the results, love! *hug*

    Thank you for the lovely comment at my site, love! It feels strange, but truly nice to be in contact with you again. Hope all is well! xxx

  13. Aww.. voting is over.. anyway, you’re one hell of a designer. lol. I’m sure you’ll win those awards! Take care!

  14. hello your domain Is BEAUTIFUL i loved your layout .. sorry i cant write a better comment but my english is TERRIBLE =\ you will win those awards … kissssseeees *

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