School so far…

Well, my first day of school was pretty normal I guess. Lessons have been going on and about. It’s been two weeks but I don’t want to be left behind so I’ve been attempting to revise everyday. My plan was to study every weekend but the past two weekends have been eaten up by camps. So I’m making use of today which is Labour Day

Canoe camp was fun. Fun in the sense that the canoeing parts were fun. I remember attending the same camp four years ago. However, both camps were rather different.

This camp was too big compared to last time’s so I could not bond with anyone closely. At the other camp, it was smaller-scaled and even though there were less than 30 campers, we bonded well together and even till now, four years later, we are still in contact with each other

Sigh, lovely memories back then.

Anyway, I am totally sunburnt because of the canoeing at Kallang as well as the trying of canoe polo back in the school’s swimming pool. Because of my spoilt skin condition, I was the only one who got this burnt :neutral:

I am such an idiot when I was rowing the canoe for canoe polo. I forgot that the paddling strokes were different from a normal canoe so I could not paddle straight. And I was the first one to capsize not once but twice :roll:

It wasn’t until I remembered that I had to paddle lightly, then did I get the hang of it. But before I could continue paddling, it was time to switch for the other groups to have a go with the canoes :mrgreen:

My skin’s much better now. Not so painful. My muscles doesn’t hurt as much either. But I guess it’ll hurt once I go for Tuesday’s gym training Do wish me the best of luck because I really need it


  1. hello … im glad i had been acepted on i love my name my first day of school was on the 19th april … it was pretty normal too … ohhh i read your plans about studying and I MUST STUDY TOo .. i hate study have a nice week =) kissssesss *

  2. Im sorry that you managed to get sun burnt – I can’t say i know how it feels though.Canoe Polo sounds like hard work but alot of fun!

  3. Glad your first day of school went well!

    Hehe, and glad you had fun at camp! Sorry to hear that you got sunburnt though!!! Hope it clears up soon!

  4. Wow. Totally forgot that you guys are the total opposite of us. We all start school in August/September, and end in May/June for the summer! Strange. haha.

    Man. I haven’t gotten Sunburn in about 2 years, seriously.

  5. Ooouch sunburns hurt. It’s awesome that you bonded so well at camp before, and sad that you couldn’t so well this time. Good luck with gym training!

  6. lol. im in canoeing! i’ve never been to kallang though. i paddle in macritichie! and im alerady chao ta la! apply aloe vera gel I WANNA PLAY CANOE POLO!! it sounds like so much fun la! lol.
    have fun in school ya?

  7. camps are fun. =) ahhg, sunburns suck. i’ve paddled once before, but i wasn’t very good at it. two of my friends paddle though. they’ve won some medals for it. good luck with training!

  8. Memorrieess! All alone in the mooonlight!
    Canoe camp still sounds so funny/tiring/fun/exciting!
    I’ve never canoed before but I’d love to try it someday I hope your skin heals completely soon!

  9. hey thanks for visiting and commenting my site!appreciate it a lot…i havent been to camping before!its pathetic isnt it?haha…your camping sounds fun~anyway good luck for your gym as you said you needed it haha..hope your skin will be better now!take care~

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