Book Shopping

I was a very happy kid when I brought home SG$60 worth of books from Kinokuniya. It was not until I cut open the plastic of my BLEACH volume 12 (as well as de-tag it) and flipped through the book only to realise that it looked familiar…

I walked towards my BLEACH manga shelf. To my horror, I realised that I had bought volume 12 a few weeks ago. DANGIT.


  1. Yeah, there is an error. I can’t seem to find out what though, i’ve posted the problem at a few MB’s … no help so far

  2. Aiyah…should have said you wanted to buy books from there. I got member card lahz. 10% discount but at least you save a few bucks. Works for me and my monthly spending for Japanese mags. Hahaha…

    Thanks for you offer but I have the member card too!

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