First-Time Clubber

So, you wonder, what’s the special occasion? Nothing much, really. Just that Jun Wei and I happened to receive this text message from our provider, SingTel, giving us the priority queue so we need not join the 1 km public queue.

He was such a sadist, wanting to walk the whole queue to that those we were not in the priority queue could get jealous of us :mrgreen:

By the way, we went to Ministry of Sound at Clarke Quay. We danced, drank and chilled at the Smoove Room where loud hip-hop and R&B could be heard blaring over the speakers. I did not expect to see anyone I know there but surprise, surprise. I saw Pong and Jian Yi.

I had fun and am rather beat. Not to mention, water training at Kallang tomorrow :neutral:


  1. Wow…. I have NO IDEA what that meant. -lol-
    Clueless as always!
    But I do like your layotu it’s very pretty.

  2. There’s nothing better then being VIP! You can just look like a fabulous girl and walk like you were a superstar! eheheh

    loved your site by the way.


  3. Holy! You went to MoS? I passed up the opportunity to go last night because I was so tired from our outing (and the fact that I had 5 shots of vodka during the outing.. XD) and was looking for nothing else but sleep. So close. Oh well. =)

    Oh WOW! I can’t believe we missed that chance! Perhaps you could give me a heads up next time I may be going to Double O next Thursday for a friend’s birthday

  4. SIS! u went to MOS & u didn’t ask me…i haven’t gone there lah… -sulks-

    Oops. I thought you’ve been there before :? Next time k sista?

  5. The queue is why I call in advance- if you book early, you can be on the guestlist to skip the queue T.T

  6. Being on the V.I.P list feels good, lol, and I had the chance to be on it once, because my best friend is supposingly rich. Ahh. But I’m glad that you had a great time. =)

  7. hm yeah i didnt really get what u were talking about but i do have to say i love the layout. i adore the colours and the coding look is very neat and organized-like i dont know- professional looking. the blend header is great too

  8. Right, Im guessing Ministry of Sound is like a music club?? We have Ministry of sound here but it’s just a music store LOL a pretty dodgy one at that.
    I hope one day I can do that skip the queue, that would be so awesome! Nice layout by the way.

  9. Sweetie, I was kidding about the “walking past the 1km queue to get into the club” just to spite the clubbers. Heh, we were walking towards the club entrance and when I saw the queue I was like : “WHAT THE?” Luckily, the priority queue was empty. N All of a sudden, I felt ecstatic to be able to cut the queue for such a smashing club, so that idea just hit my head. =P I’m sorry…

  10. Singapore? I stopped through there on my way to Australia. Took Singapore Airlines. The best there is, apparently. It was very nice, too.

    I want to go actually see Singapore. I hear it’s beautiful! And I love your coffee holders. Haha!

  11. Clubbing is fun. I go clubbing sometimes, though it gets me bored at some point. But why was there a 1km queue? Is the Ministry Of Sound a huge club?

  12. Hmm… something flew over my head but its great to know you had fun. Keep laughing and you have a cool site here

  13. It’s great to see that you had fun, hope you got enough rest for the water training on the following day. This was my 1st visit here, I enjoyed browsing your site. Take care.

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