She Finally Got One!

What I meant by the above was that my mother has finally gotten herself a handphone! Which is a really cool ladies’ design Nokia can’t-remember-the-model phone.

And it’s 972349026 times better than all my phones put together :neutral:


  1. Isn’t it lovely when your parents outsmart ya when it comes to technology? Psht. LoL. Always getting the better stuff!

  2. Gah, I hate it when my mom or dad gets something better than me… haha, at least I get to inherit it when they dislike it

  3. wow, congrats on your mom’s phone! I’m not a nokia user so I don’t know much about it. lol. except that it’s the most popular cellphone supplier here in our country. haha. take care *hugs*

  4. Haha, how great! My mom’s been having one for a few years but only knows the basic stuff, haha. Well, maybe you can get a better something next time :p

  5. Yeah, I understand the feeling.
    I’m wanting a new better phone because of a similar reason.
    What are your phones then? It can’t be that bad.

  6. Yeah…my mother has also got one, because I gave it to her. It is a simple one, but sufficient for her, as she says.

  7. theives are so hard and get boring!! I think that’s why I created my mage.. even though I have my pet and shop permit on my thief!

  8. Well that’s great that your Mom got herself a nice phone Hopefully your turn to get a nice one is coming up too.

  9. lol my mum’s phone has always been the simplest one for she only call and sms. the rest of the functions, she can’t be bothered with.

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