Being a Girl

We’ve been doing land trainings most of the time since water training was nothing much last Saturday. So everyone was excited when we were finally going to start the polo session this Saturday.

I have been waiting all week for today. And no thanks to my best friend, I am unable to go into the water

Sometimes I hate being a girl.

Edit: Dangit. I woke up this morning with a swollen eye. Thankyouverymuchgodsofswolleneyes.


  1. can’t you use a tampon?
    being a girl does suck… but it doesnt completly have to.

    anyways… love the site, especially the layout, its great!

    Uh, tampon scares me :neutral:
    And thank you for your lovely compliments

  2. haha.. take it easy la… e start is always lyk tat, more of land trainings than water trainings. training would be more fun n interestin in e future.. endure on.. =)

  3. Yeah, sometimes I hate being a girl too…

    I had that experience too! I wanted to go swimming , my friend did too but I remembered it was my time of month, I hate it.

    Yea can’t wait til my domain

  4. =o That sucks. I hate being a girl so much for that reason. Periods always hold you back =/ I kayak a lot and tampons totally freak me out so I know what you mean.

  5. Yeah, being a girl does suck, espesially in the summer when all you want to do is spend the days in the water. But, good luck, it’ll be over soon!

    I love the layout, thought! It’s very delicate, the colours are very soothing, and I love the picture!

  6. aww sorry you had to miss out on the fun I just hate it when it starts so inconveniently! hope your eyes will get better soon

  7. Ehh sorry you had to miss out I swear sometimes it starts at the worse times just to be mean. I agree, sometimes I hate being a girl too… but I don’t want to be a guy haha. Awww hope you’re eye isn’t swollen anymore

  8. omg, i’ve totally always swam while ragging it. on the other hand i haven’t had a period besides last week in 6 years due to childbirth and depo………..and i feel like i’m seriously dying…….. haha.
    warm compress on your eye should help within a few hours. smile girl!!

  9. Normally when I go swimming I wear a pad and it works just fine…no leaks or anything. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  10. o.o what sport are u in? canoe polo?
    hah! i still paddle when I’m having -it-!
    just that i run to the toilet immediately after coming back on land.

  11. oh! that sucks. being a girl rocks but there are certainties that makes us cringe our nose. lol. take care! –blog hop.

  12. Ohh honey, I share your woes

    Have you looked into the mooncup? is the UK link for it, and I’ve heard good things about them from friends. That said, I’ve never tried it myself… I do keep meaning to though!

    *hugs* hope your eye gets better!

  13. Ahhh! I hate when I get aunt flo right before something important .. that’s why I don’t swim anymore =P
    I love this layout! So fresh.

  14. omg polo. i wanna learn! is it fun? hehe. LOL, poor thing. actually the water pressure pushed your best friend back in ya know? lol. =x

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