Goodness Gracious Me

I have absobuckinlutely no idea what this lecturer is talking about.

He is just way too fast for my slow and tired brain.

God help me for this semester.


  1. Hi Nadine. I’ve received your e-mail about your fanlisting that are up for adoption. I’ve visited the forum and I saw the deadline has already expired. But anyway, I would like very much to take care of 2 of your fanlistings:
    -Hide and Seek (the movie with Dakota Fanning)
    -A love that will last (Renee Olstead song)

    Mainly, the last one, because I simply love this song!
    Hope you consider, because I love taking care of fanlistings! (I own two: Joyful joyful – song by Lauryn Hill – and Somethings’s gotta give – movie with Diane Keaton)


  2. man i understand how that is man.. x_x my lecturers either talk too fast, or talk very monotoned, slowly and softly. argghhh! i wish they struck a balance properly. haha! good luck with the semester..i hope you can cope!!

  3. Hey Nadine – Aww. Good luck this semester. Get help from someone who knows what’s going. (Hopefully someone will know)!!! ahh

  4. Teachers have a bad problem doing that I don’t like when they do that hehe. I wish you the best of luck tho

  5. Hii, I hope you see this cuase I’m aware of that I commenting on the wrong post hah, but it’s something wrong with your new post.. I can’t comment on it .. anyways, good luck with that, I’m sure you can handle it hih, take care now huuugs!

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