Rolling is Fun!

It has been a solid month of training and I am proud to say that I have only missed one session due to health reasons (menses and a swollen eye are party-poopers).

Because I missed a Saturday training, I had only two water trainings so far. Yet, I feel accomplished being able to do all the four rolls (namely, wall roll, paddle roll, hand roll and ball roll).

A wall roll is simply using the edge of the pool to support and push oneself up when capsized. A paddle roll would be using the paddle to sweep oneself up. A hand roll is similar but without the aide of a paddle. Finally, a ball roll is a hand roll but with one arm holding the polo ball.

I feel kind of bad being able to do the rolls while some of my team girls are still struggling with a wall roll. And even though they jokingly tell me that they’re jealous, I’m not sure if they really are after all…


  1. I love your layout Oh, swimming…I wanna learn. It looks so hard though. I get paranoid because I feel that I will drown or something. Thanks for the nice comment you left!

  2. Wow, congrats on only missing one session! Hehe.

    Anyways, wow, that’s a lot of rolls that you have to know how to do! Good luck!

  3. Sounds like your harsh trainings are paying off! And it is an amazing sense of accomplishment knowing that you can do something your other teammates can’t.

    Continue to train hard, girl! You can do it.

  4. heee. my 1 star course coach was just telling us about all e rolls in canoe polo! i’d love to try canoe polo one day! meanwhile, i shall stick to sprint kayaking. loL!

  5. Well good for you, being able to do all those! I personally wouldn’t care if they were jealous, you are just a fast learner. Although pools, h I hate them. Bad experiences lol.

  6. dont worry if theyre jealous and they cant do it. afterall ur the one who did all the hardwork and it paid off. just keep doing what u do best and dont feel bad about everyone else. congrats on all the hard work and solid training

  7. I’m not sure about the swollen eye..but mensus is definitely the number 1 party pooper for girls.

    Must feel great to accomplish something that others still can’t. Well now you can teach them how to do it!

  8. WOOOTT POLO!!!!! lol …if only i could get over my fear of conoes and of water…. lol J/P I love this layout btw!

  9. long time no talk nadine!!! how have you been? its vanessa here, the one you used to talk with on gmail. its been awhile
    canoeing sounds like major fun, i might try it soon. although the first problem i’ll have is prolly paddle the wrong way. (lol)
    cripes am i even talking sense? heh.

  10. wow only one lesson! Wow you’re really committed! Congrats!! Ahh swimming lessons sound like so much fun!

  11. These are for canoeing? Is it for fun or a team?

    That’s pretty cool though.. I’m too afraid of the water to actually do anything.. competitive in it. I’d be afraid of falling in and drowning.

  12. Lazy me doesn`t know a lot about that sport but it sounds exciting. If you are talking about canoeing, I once did it and it was fun.

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