Birthday Part I

It came as a surprise, and surprise me they did. My canoe junior girls along with Jun Yu gave me a mini pre-celebration for my 21st birthday yesterday along with a lovely chocolate cake.

They were surprised that I did not find out about their plans. I blame it on my blur-ness and slowness. Also, the lack of anticipating anything.

The blue Adidas shoe bag is lovely! Thank you my girls, and yes, I love you too!

Cake and Me
Blowing out the candles

Junior Girls and JY
Jamie, Me, Jolene, Joan, Lilin, Teresa and Jun Yu

Junior Girls and Potter
With Potter

Jolene, Joan, Me, Jamie, Teresa and Lilin with their strawberries

Shoe Bag
With my shoe bag! (Potter is so extra!)


  1. Wow Happy 21st birthday! That’s always the best birthday. Its great you have awesome friends like that!

  2. AHH!! Happy belated 21st birthday!!!!! That’s soo awesome for your friends to surprise you! Hehe.

  3. Awww thats really sweet! Its great to know you have good friends around – Happy belated birthday! Enjoy the chocolate cake

  4. The other big birthday.

    Gomen sorry sorry for the late wishes.

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY.

    You’re the awesome, glad to see that you had a wonderful time.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Happy belated birthday, Nadine. Yum, a chocolate cake. The surprise party sounds like was great. The shoe bag looks nice too, heh.

  6. That is nice of your friends to organise a suprize birthday party fr you =D

    I am glad you had a good time and was happy with your presents!

  7. Happy bday girl:) So many good ppl celebrating their bday’s:) Mine was last friday!!! Geminis’girl rocks:)

    U are on a canoeing team???That’s great:)

  8. Sorry for being late! But happy 21st birthday to you anyway! It’s so nice of your juniors to give you a surprise. I love surprises.

  9. Aww happy birthday it seems that you had a great party. I can’t wait until my 21st birthday but then again I can. But I hope that you had a great birthday

  10. Wooow! Happy birthday It’s so nice of them to throw you a party. Get some good use out of that bag there Happy birthday again!

  11. :)Hey Nadine!
    Love your site!
    I’ve just emailed you
    keep up the good work with the site:)
    blessings, from nadine.

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