She’s the Man

This is going to be a rather bad review.

I have been wanting to catch this ever since it opened but I realised something: I did not even know when it was going to open! So after hearing every other person going “Man! Did you see…” or “It was so hilarious when…” I decided to go catch it today. (I so needed a break from life!)

I have never, ever laughed so much in a movie before. Not even in a comedy. Every other scene had me doubling over with laughter at Amanda’s goofy-ness. She really is one talented actress next to drama queen Lindsay Lohan. (Which reminds me, next up: Just My Luck!)

By the way, doesn’t the twin look like that dude in O.C.? And doesn’t the friend (Paul) look like Jude Law?


  1. Hmm I really want to see that movie. You saying that just gave me more of a reason to go and see it. Amanda is a great actress better than Lindsay I think.

  2. I love this blog. Its so clean and pretty lmao.

    I want to see that movie too!! It seems really good.. and obviously hilarious.

  3. I still haven’t seen it, and I think it came out in April or something. I usually prefer movies at home, without the noisy kid in the seat a few down, haha. I remember watching Amanda on some shows when she was younger and I agree, she’s good.

  4. I really really want to see that! A whole lot. It looks hillarious and I just love Amanda Bynes. And just to let you know you background doesn’t work?

  5. I saw She’s the Man in theaters, and although I hadn’t wanted to actually see it, I was glad I did. It was very very funny and cheesy, not to mention the hot soccer players in there!

  6. I loved Amanda Bynes in the earlier days on All That and The Amanda Show… but I haven’t kept up with her movies lately :X

  7. true true! he looks like that guy in the o.c. uncanny resemblance!

    muahaha she’s the man was funnny. =D

  8. I haven’t seen that movie yet. I would rather wait till movies come out on DVD so I can watch them at home. But I will be sure to check it out when it is on DVD.

  9. You watched She’s the man already?! I want to watch it sooooo bad! Because I totally adore Amanda Bynes. I used to watch her on The Amanda Show on Nickleodeon. And I’ve heard so many nice comments about it! But nobody wants to watch it with me because they all wanted to watch some other shows instead! Bummer.

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