Birthday Part II

A rather belated post but I decided to take my time

I had no idea what the programme was going to be as Jun Wei would be planning everything. He just told me to “meet at 1030 at Plaza Singapura“.

We had MacDonald’s for brunch. There, I gave him his anniversary gift. Cost me quite a bomb but it was definitely worth it

After that, we walked to Cathay Cineleisure because the next plan was to go bowling. Little did we know that the alley was closed for a gaming/entertainment centre :neutral: We had to walk back because he got us tickets to Cars at the new Cathay House

21 at Cathay House
Smirking at Cathay House

Jun Wei and Me

The movie was great! Pixar did a swell of a job as usual

The next part, he said, would be a secret place because we were going to get my birthday present. He even planned to blindfold me with a super unglam purple blindfold. I was so stunned I had to protest because no way was I ever going to put that on.

The weather got a little dreadry and we took a cab down to Suntec City (Hmm… my gears are starting to work.) After alighting, we walk towards the fountaint and after passing the chocolate store, he told me that I had to close my eyes.

Did he trust me? Nooooo. He still had to have his hand over my hands (which were over my eyes). I was instructed to stay aside after walking blindly for a few minutes. He then told me to open my hands and…

… he placed a baby hamster into my opened palms!

I could have two! And they were only two weeks old. Small little cuties! (I’m sorry but I simply start gushing over hamsters.) We picked their food, bedding, toys etc but we were not bringing them home that day

We had a snack of gelato ice cream when I felt rather spastic.

A spastic moment

We took a bus to Bugis where we had dinner at Swenson’s.

Jun Wei and Me
Please don’t eat me.

It was interesting that he planned it in such a way that it was like his birthday. On his day, we had brunch at Plaza Singapura MacDonald’s and dinner at Bugis Swenson’s.

Of course, I had to claim my free ice cream

Ice cream and Me
Happy Birthday to Me!

After dinner, another surprise. We took the DHL balloon into the sky. It was cool! It was fun! And I love heights so it was thrilling

We took a bus back to his place and I took a nap before hitting Ministry of Sound, our final stop. By the time we actually reached MoS, it was close to 1 in the morning. We just clubbed for a couple of hours before going home.

And yeah, I had fun


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun, and everything sounds really great.


  2. Happy Birthday Mami! You’re finally 21…..Getting Old Love. Man I wanna go see that new movie Cars. I’ll prob. go this weekend. Glad you liked it! Nice site btw hun. *smoochies

  3. Hey…you didn\’t blog about the birthday celebration 7ners had for you?

    That would be Part III

  4. Happy belated birthday! And awwww that surprise is soo sweet! And baby hamsters? Eee! LOL I’m glad you had a good time.

  5. Happy Birthday Mama! That’s so cute of you and your boyfriend to spend the day like that. I wanted to see that movie so bad, but I haven’t yet.

  6. (Despair.Nu)

    Happy Birthday!! I’m only 20 and my birthday isn’t until October. My boyfriend’s birthday and mine are a day apart! So we are going to go somewhere and celebrate each other’s together. It’s so sweet.

    Anyways, why didn’t you get to bring the hamsters home????

  7. Belated happy birthday! May I just say you don’t even look 21?! I wish I look like I’m 15 when I turn 21 too..haha =p

    “Cars” is good..I just love Disney-Pixar movies.. Well I’m glad you’re having fun on your birthday, so yeah..speak to you soon!

  8. i suddenly thought of you while mulling over certain things that has a linking to u during the end of blogging. And so i popped by here, to say HELLO!! I know this is nuts but who cares. *grins* Great to see you having fun. How many more parts of your b’day?! *laughs* Take care, nad

  9. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I haven’t seen that movie yet but I have all the Happy Meal toys… I cannot resist the toys (although I hear they will stop connecting them with Disney Movies).

  10. Happy belated birthday! That is SO sweet of him to get you two hamsters, have you picked out names? Are you going to get boys or girls, or one of each – and if you get one of each, beware, that they have lots and lots of babbies… lol!

    Ooh, cars, I want to see that, its from the makers of Finding Nemo, right? I loved that movie… I hear it is really funny (Cars is) who does the voices?

  11. Wow, you must have an amazing boyfriend!
    Aww that’s so sweet of him to do all of that for you :). It sounds like you had and awesome birthday. I love the pictures by the way ;).

  12. Woot sounds like you had an amazing birfdayyyyy lol glad you did the 21st is always the best ain’t it?
    cya =)

  13. Almost everybody who watched Cars raved about it. But I don’t blame them, it was really good!

    Your boyfriend is soooooo sweet! I would love to receive baby hamsters for my birthday! I already have two, and wouldn’t mind having more!

  14. Oooh, sounds like you had an entirely awesome time.

    The baby hamsters sound so adoreable! Pics are a must for things that cute. =D

  15. happy belated birthday sis! sorry i didn’t wish you earlier! wow junwei sure seems like a caring and sweet boyfriend planning so many things for you cars was good!!!!!

    i want to sit the DHL balloon!! haha was the scenary nice from up there?

    hope to see pics of your hammies! hamsters are so cute!! glad you had a good birthday sis! so lucky to have so many people celebrating with you! take care!

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