Hey, I’m an Aunt!

And I only found out about two weeks ago. (Thanks for forgetting me Mom.)

My eldest cousin (on my Mom’s side) threw a luncheon at Carlton Hotel to celebrate her son’s first month. Do not be fooled by the shabbiness of the exterior of this hotel because the moment we stepped through the main doors into the lobby of that hotel, Nicole and I went, “Wow.”

The food was really good too, I must say. The black pepper beef dish was my favourite next to the bread pudding

Dylan is simply an adorable baby. And like all babies do, he (more or less) slept throughout the whole event

Dylan yawning
A yawning Dylan

What a cute sleepyhead

Ju with cousins
Judaxil with cousins Sze Ying and Wei Hong

With Dylan
Judaxil, Dylan, Me and Anders

I ♥ Mummy
The other mitten says “I ♥ Daddy”

Nike kid
He’s Nike sponsored.

We were very amused with his mohawk hairstyle.

The family
Happy Family: Junie, Damien and Dylan


  1. Woah, you’re an aunt?! Congrats! Hehe. It’ll be awhile before I’m an aunt, since I’m the oldest. Hehe.

    Aww, Dylan looks cute!! Hehe.

  2. Well, congratulations on becoming an aunt. The family looks very happy in the picture together.

  3. Aww, he\’s so adorable. The hotel doesn\’t look too shabby to me.
    Unfortunately, I will never be an Aunt since I don\’t have any siblings.

    Don\’t you have cousins? Their kids will be your nieces and nephews (indirectly, of course)

  4. Awww so cute!!!!

    (How do you pronounce \’Judaxil\’ btw? Is it pronounced the way it\’s spelled? Just wondering — thought it was a cool name lol)

    To begin with, her name is actually the combination of two names: Judith and Axle (yes, it\’s a boy\’s name for the latter). And it\’s pronounced as Ju-dair-sil

  5. Awww hahah congratulations on becoming an aunt! I don’t think we ever had a party for my second cousin’s first month…hmm.

    Awww! He’s a very cute baby. You guys are cute too HAHAHA omg those mittens are so adorable! Congrats to your cousin and her husband and the new baby

  6. Aww…hes so cute! Congrats on being an aunt! Its the best you know. You get to play with them when there all cute and stuff but when it comes to changing diapers you can just give them to mommy or daddy =D Take care!

  7. WOW, thats so cool. I can’t wait until I’m an uncle and stuff. It will be a long time though, but congrats!

    I really like the textures you used on your layout graphic. its amazing!

  8. OOh awesome congrats your an aunt! The baby’s so beautiful! hah you can never judge a building by its looks

  9. He is so adorable. I just want to hold him!
    The hotel sounded fantastic.
    Your cousin is soo lucky.

  10. aww! how cute! I wish I could be an aunt too but unfortaunately (though sometimes fortunately) I don’t have siblings. gawsh! so cute!

  11. eeee so cute!! i just became an aunt a month ago! so excited too! she’d be coming to singapore during christmas her name is myra and she’s a very cute little girl with big eyes

  12. I just became a mom – and babies just have something delicious about them.

    Congratulations on becoming an auntie.

  13. Aw, Dylan is such a cute baby. The mittens are so small and adorable, hehe. And the food sounds like it was really good.

  14. hey – congrats on being an aunt! haha dylan looks kind of like me/my sisters when we were born. XD

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