About Fever

Getting fever is pretty okay. Really. It’s a matter of how high the fever goes. So let’s say one gets a temperature of 37.7 degrees celcius. It’s still rather ok. You won’t die or get sent to the hospital. The most you just take some medication and the fever subsides.

The thing about me is that I’m allergic to the fever medication. Any dosage would result in swollen eyes and rashes for the next couple of days.

So when I was down with fever on Friday afternoon, I went over to Jun Wei‘s place to rest. But by evening, my fever rose to a good 39.1 degrees celcius. Unlike 37.7, 39.1 is really high. I could get sent to the hospital (yuck). So he started sponging me, trying to bring down the temperature.

He ended up calling Mother who told him to give me half a tablet of paracetamol (which is a fever medication that I’m allergic to). I told him I could not take it. But he said my mom told him to give it to me. Knowing I was going to suffer for the next three days, I took it.

When Aunty (Jun Wei’s mother) came in later, she found out that my eyes had indeed swelled. I had no idea since I was trying to sleep. So when she told me my eyes were swollen, my first thought was, “Ohmygosh, I must look like crap now.”

Then the rest was a hurry of calling my parents, arranging to see the doctor, drowning a quick dinner and grabbing a cab to the clinic.

Gah. I can’t believe I am so weak.


  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so yucky. Get plenty of rest! Vitamin C is good for boosing immune systems, and so is Ecchinacea. Might help you get over this faster.

  2. You aint weak Sweetie, I’ve never seen a person whose temperature reaches 39.1 Deg and can still walk around and do stuff normally without the full effects of paracetemol. The body ached and fever alone would have killed me. =P And your recovery rate is so fast! Your temp dropped to just 38 Deg when we were at the docs? How’d u do that?

  3. Getting the fever is NO fun at all! It just prevents you from doing anything else. I hope that fever will walk out the door ASAP!

  4. Ahh! That really sucks, and even more that you are allergic to the paracetemol. Feel better sweetie!

  5. I hate fever, being allergic to medicine sucks.
    Unless it tastes disgusting and they change it to something that tastes better =)

  6. man that sucks that you’re allergic to the cold medicine.. I would severly hate that situation! I live off nyquil when I have a cold lol.

  7. Uggh.. I hate being sick.. Especially since I’m allergic to those medicine too.. I hope you’re feeling better now! Luckily you’ve got a friend who keeps you company or supports you!

  8. Wow, I never knew that a fever could cause so much trouble lol. Allergic to the meds? When I used to have fevers, I just took advil. Now i can’t use advil, it makes me sick Lol if I was told that my eyes were swollen, I would also think the same thing. Hope you get better soon

  9. I do hope you feel well again. Fevers aren’t much fun and would certainly be worse if you can’t take fever medication. Get better soon.

  10. Aww, honey I feel for you! Allergies can be such a pain in the ass. I experienced my first sun allergy not long ago and my ankles were swollen to three times their normal size. :S I really hope you’re feeling better soon! Good thing you have a sweet boyfriend who doesn’t mind taking care of you.

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