Big Changes

Good-bye days. Nice song by YUI.

Which totally fits my week. It’s been a series of good-bye days because Jun Wei has left for Australia early yesterday morning.

My whole family turned up to send him off at the airport. So between my family, his family, his relatives and his friends, it was really hard to have an intimate/private goodbye. (Hey! I am a shy person.)

My family, Jun Wei and I

Me and Jun Wei
With my sweetheart

His last gift to me before he left was a Creative WebCam Live! Pro (please do not let his mother know!) and it’s a pretty good replacement since he took the digital camera with him to Down Under

Me and Nicole
With Nicole



And to top it off, I went to Stege at Parkway Parade with Nicole to get our ears pierced (one on each side for me; another hole for her). I went all the way there since I trusted my piercer (Desmond) who helped me with my navel piercing two years ago

The piercing itself was way too fast. Guns are interesting, compared to needles. Bang! Bang! and hey! My ears are no longer virgins! (I always tell folks before my pierced ears that my ears were virgins since I’ve never pierced them before in all my 21 years of life.)

Virgin Ears No More!
Virgin Ears No More!

Me and Nicole
Our shiny new studs


Sigh. I’ve been emotionally unstable all day. Yes, I miss him. And thank God for technology, IT, web cameras and Skype.

Still, it’s not the same


  1. Nice pictures!!

    Awww, I’m sorry to hear that Jun Wei had to go to Australia!!

    Aww, that’s awesome that he got your a webcam! Hehe.

    Anyways, wow, you never had your ears pierced?! Mine’s were done when I was 7? Somewhere around there… LOL. I haven’t worn earrings in awhile though… LOL. Anyways, have fun with your newly-pierced ears! LOL.

  2. Good-bye Days is a nice song. I was just wondering whether I sent you the single already. Haha…pardon my lousy memory. Currently downloading the drama version of “Taiyou no Uta”. Sawajiri Erika is acting as Amane Kaoru. She’s the actress who acted in “1 Rittoru no Namida” (the drama I burnt for you).

    So what changed your mind about virgin ears? Or was it to remind you of the day JW went off to Australia? When’s the next piercing for your ears? Hehe…I have this feeling that you wouldn’t be contented with just one hole on either side. Anyway, now we can all consider earrings as a birthday/christmas/whatever occasion gift for you. So you like studs, hooks or rings? Dangling?

  3. Whoa Elisia, long comment

    Yes, you sent me that song. It’s still in the “My Received Files” folder XD Ooh! Help me burn a copy when you’re done downloading the drama version!

    Whoa again, you’re pretty sharp. Yeah. I kinda-sorta planned that part about the reminder of him going away. and YES! I’m gonna have more holes in my ears (like 2 natural ones aren’t enough XD) Planned it in such a way that whenever he leaves for Australia, I’ll get another hole/pair of holes. And… I’m not sure what kinds I like yet!

  4. Awwww… how long are you going to be separated? I hope its not only for a short time…

    i so love you layout especially the colors… good job!

    by the way, how were you able to make your search function work? mine isnt working and after long hours of researching and modifying, it stil isnt working … *sad*

  5. Cute pics.

    You’re only 21? You look about 15/16. XD; I just got my ears pierced last summer, so I can feel your excitement.

  6. Sure. But that’ll be some time later since it’s only the first episode. Haha… I think Erika looks different in the drama. Not cutesy like in 1 Rittoru. She’s lined her eyes, has long hair…definitely more grown-up.

    Haha…but don’t go overboard with the piercing till you can practically tear along the dotted line. HAHAHA…

  7. Awwww. SOrry he had to leave for Australia. =[ I hope you two will keep in touch! =] And awwww cute pics! Love the new piercings. I reallyw ant a nose piercing. Just a cut elil stud thats all. lol X) Anyways. Take care. ♥

  8. aww..i hope he will come back soon!! how long will he be gone? i want to pierce more earholes but i’m scared of pain and i couldn’t remember how pain it was when i pierced in primary school. oh well. have pretty low tolerance for i’ll see when i’ll get over it then i’ll do it again..heehee.

    PS: ooh you’re watching erika sawajiri act? she’s good! i like her in 1 litre of tears! hope you’re enjoying it as much as i did!

    take care sis!

  9. btw..i like YUI too! i like tokyo, feel my soul and tomorrow’s way so far..

  10. hey, i so have that webcam as well! not that it works with this computer yet…rotfl. but that’s really nice that he gave that to you. and yes, i won’t tell your mom.

  11. Aww. I’m sure the reunion will be very sweet, then. Anyway, his gift to you was pretty cool. A webcam, eh?

  12. Aww, its so sad when you ahve to say goodbye to someone you love hopefully he comes back soon though, yeah?

  13. I want a sort of digi cam. Oh wells, well it looks like you had fun, I\’ve never been to Aussie before. o.O I wonder what it\’s like.

    Neither have I. So I wonder, too.

  14. I hope your boyfriend comes back soon. Must be hard counting the days.
    I’ve been thinking of piercing my ears (they’re ‘virgin’ as well, due to mom feeling sorry for me when I was born), but hearing mom scream at me: they’ll get infected and swell and what will you do then? Kind of takes away the fun in it. Still… does it hurt? Ok, so I’m highly anxious when it involves pain… but if it doesn’t… I’d happily do it… especially since I’ve seen such lovely ear rings *sighs*

  15. ARGH! u deflowered ur virgin ears!

    um listen to boss’ advice k..

    yeah now u can tell us what sorta earring u like..

  16. Good-byes are hard! All you can do is wait and be there when they come back!

    I got my ears pierced when I was 8, it was like a stapler for me. They put the studs in and then just ‘stapled’ my ear. It didn’t really hurt at all. All I did was squeeze the chair, because it had a little pressure.

    (hey I just noticed I’m not even wearing earrings)

  17. That was sweet of him to get you a webcam, and at least you will still be able to be in contact! How long is he going to be ‘down under’ for? if its a long time, surely you should be able to go and visit him!

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