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My body is aching oh so badly.

After missing a couple of trainings (due to my poor health and lack of trainings for juniors), I feel like my body have gone all woozy and weak, unable to run, losing breath, feeling like collapsing and all that.

Yesterday, after gym, Wei Jun went all out by making us do rounds of sprinting 100m, jogging 100m and 15 push ups. The final round had us struggling to do 140 push ups. (We had to restart at 40 no thanks to some guy.)

After going home, I collapsed and slept till four this afternoon. Gosh, I feel so tired now.


  1. I know that feeling. Well, not exactly, but we’ve been moving the textbook boxes in the bookstore lately. Except I’m the one always getting to move them. I’m always so exhausted.

  2. I can relate! These past few days, I’ve been so busy and my body is hurting because of all the stuff I’ve been doing. I guess that means I’m out of shape! Haha. Anyway I really like your site, it’s beautiful!

  3. That’s a lot of hard training! Right when you get home you should get a plastic tub like thing, fill it with hot water and put your feet in,, Then just lay back and rest. After a while take your feet out and lay them on a towel. Now you can sleep. You should try it sometime. I did it when I went dancing for like 3 hours in freakin heels.

    Hope you feel better!

  4. It sounds like you were training so hard! I would not be able to do what you did. 140 push ups? I can’t do 4 push ups! Have a warm bath to relax your muscles! Hope your body feels better soon!

  5. YIKES! I’m sooo sorry to hear about training! That is a lot push-ups! I can barely do about a fourth of that! LOL… But good luck, and I hope you’ll feel better soon!!

  6. Man, sorry you’re aching. I hate that feeling to be honest, and I do whatever I can to avoid it lol. I’ve had that feeling once before and it wasn’t fun at all. Holy crap that’s a lot of pushups. If you can do all those, I envy your strength. Wow, crazy, 140 lol.

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