Perr’s 21st

She was busy and so was I. But somehow, both of us, including the rest of the 7ners were free last night to celebrate Perrine’s belated birthday.

Yes, another into the I’ve-turned-21-club.

We met up at Wheelock Place‘s n.y.d.c. where we had pastas, baked pastas and baked rice. Of course we had to have dessert. So after bloated stomachs, we stuffed ourselves with a slice of Max’s Oreo Cheesecake, an Irish Cream Mudpie and a Jedi Mudster.

Oh! Must not forget Eeyore

With Eeyore
Me, PK and Jo with Eeyore

With Eeyore
Soffie, Elisia and Perr with Eeyore

What’s with a celebration without pictures? So, of course, we had to take some.

Before attacking the desserts
Forks unite!

CJ, Me, PK and ohmygawd-what’s-wrong-with-Jo


V for Peace
Elisia and I ‘camwhoring’ (according to Soffie)


Reading Elisia‘s entry got me laughing again because she was telling me online about how she had forgotten to pass the tiara again.

(We had gotten this plastic tiara to pass on to each birthday girl as they turn 21 but somehow, when it came to my turn last month, it was quite, quite forgotten. Elisia was extremely proud that she had remembered to bring it this time round but promptly forgot to pass it on during the dinner.)

Good grief. The lighting at n.y.d.c. is terrible. Or that my Photoshop skills suck.


  1. Aww, you have a plastic tiara to pass down?! That’s awesome! Hehe.

    Yum, Oreo cheesecake! Hehe.

    Glad you had a great time celebrating Perrine’s birthday!

  2. Hey hun. I haven’t commented you in awhile so I’m droppin you a comment. =D And awww. Looks like you girls had so much fun! And you have a tiara? I think thats effin adorable! =D

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Birthdays are great.. just had two pass for my family in the last week!

  4. Hi Nadine, I love the layout, the colors are fab.
    Looks like you guys had fun. You’re all so cute! Happy belated birthday to Perrine.

  5. You and your friends look like you had such a good time! Yumm for good desserts, all of those sound delicious.

  6. hahaha..i read boss entry abt the tiara..

    i forgot to bug her abt it after asking her whether she brought it with her..

    so as the next 21 yr old who will be getting the tiara..there will be un-official phototakings with you & perr wearing the tiara before perr makes the official passing down of the crown..

    to what chau said – yeah i love the fact that we have the tiara to pass down..kinda makes us more bonded in away. u shld try it with your girlfriends to – bring out the inner princess & fairy in you.

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