BBQ at Peiqi’s

Yesterday was a tiring day for me.

I had no sleep the night before and I had to go for the Relay Duathlon 2006 (organised by Ngee Ann Canoeing Club and sponsored by to canoe 4 km AND run 4 km.

Please do let me stress to you how seriously my body is lack training. I have not been running for weeks. Weeks! I knew I was going to just die there.

So by the time I was done with the competition, lunch at Subway at Suntec City, passed the first area of Stage 1 of Time Crisis 4, I took a train to Clementi and still wondered whether I should attend Peiqi‘s BBQ.

I decided to go after all since I told her I would :? I kind of knew what was going to happen there since her guest list consisted of ex-SPSU people I know but are not close to since they are more chinese-speaking and I am labelled jiak kan tan (literally, it means “eat potato”. It is actually saying that I’m english-speaking.)

When I stepped into her apartment, everyone there was surprised to see me. It has been years since I last seen most of them, and I probably bumped into a few in the streets every now and then. But I could feel their gazes at me, looking at my big bag (they thought I was going to overnight too! But I had no idea there was an overnight stay!) and though, “She’s staying overnight, too?”

It is not that they’re mean. I guess it’s just awkward :?

Everyone kept asking me the same question after the hellos. “Where’s Jun Wei?” and I had to go, “Australia” so many times one of them said I should just wear a sign

Anyway, I was somehow surprised that I found myself talking to Agnes most of the time. I knew her from camp four years ago but was never close to her. But last night, it seemed great to be talking to her, hearing her experiences and struggles in working life.

When Marcus arrived with Bi Wei, I was like, Yay! Finally! A fellow english-speaker!

And that was when the photo-taking started, too.

Say cheese!
Cheesing for Marcus
(He had initially taken a rather unglam shot when I wasn’t ready. That shall remain unposted, of course.)

Me, Agnes, Spencer, Junrong, Peishan (blocked), Ronghua’s friend, Stella and Chee Wee (above)

New additions: (back) Peiqi and Hans (he’s the monkey right at the center)
(front) Cindy


Cindy, Agnes, Bi Wei and me

The Grill
Me, Peiqi and her maid with the pit

Peiqi and her maid did most of the barbequeing while the rest of us were pigs and ate like pigs And last night was the first time I ate barbequed stingray with chilli! Spencer said I wasted 21 years of my life :? He repeated that to me again when I said I have never tried otah before, too. (I tried when one of them offered it to me. Don’t quite fancy it as much as I do stringray now.)

The Food on The Grill
The Food on The Grill

Me and my 'step-son'?
Me and Marcus

I could not stay overnight since I had no extra change of clothes, neither could Agnes nor Bi Wei since they had no intention of staying. So we left early and Marcus’ dad gave us all a ride home.


I had a great time. I hung out with people I was not very close to, I talked and caught up with friends, I tried new food and I enjoyed myself.

I am glad I went for the BBQ


  1. AWW you had some fun! You have a label too, huh? so do i. It’s ‘potato’ because i’m tan on the outside but i’m completely english like a potato’s insides. haha. i can relate with the awkwardness. when everyone is speaking my native language and i can’t really speak it but i can understand it.

    I’m glad you didn’t die after all that running right there. running is awesome but just when you are actually liking it and you’re sides dont get cramps.

    awesome pictures! very cuuuteee =)

  2. you are a whole lot tanner in the photo than what i rem of you. but its good, tan gives a nice healthy look. i love bbq food, except the actual bbq-ing of the food, lol. glad you have fun. enjoy your vacation!

  3. Whoo, it really does look like you had a tiring (but fun!) day! =) Well, maybe not at the beginning? Lol, rowing and running — jeez, and here I barely WALK! =P The barbeque looked great and deliciously yummy! Though you are very brave for still wanting to go, even though your body was so tired! I would have decided to ditch it because I’m pretty uncomfortable around people I only “somewhat” know. =/ But it’s wonderful that you still had so much fun while you were there! *cheers*

  4. heh stingray is one of my faves as well, damn good for the soul (uhh since its so nice lol).
    glad you had a superb time cheers!

  5. Wow, Im so out of shape. I don’t even run and eat so much fast food. Id love to have the initiative as you do with running, haha. Id feel so much better. But glad to see you had fun with your friends:)

  6. Hellos !

    Randomly came across your site through YUI’s fanlisting.


    Lol. Hope to see you around.

  7. Fun! The pics looked like you guys have lots of fun.
    Subway is yummy…oo time crisis…
    Pretty late but have a good rest. Lol after all that excercise.

  8. Hello Nadine
    Your site is looking so beautiful!
    Hhaha aww it sounds and looks asthough you had a fun day.
    Much love xox

  9. OlŠ! Eu sou aqui do Brasil e estou impressionada com o seu trabalho, tudo estŠ muito lindo! Bom, eu espero que vocÍ me entenda! ^__^’
    Kisses for you!

  10. Hmm. I think I would feel very strange and unwanted if I were given a nickname by those who could speak a language I could not. But, you seem to be very brave and handled it well! It’s cool you managed to find your place amongst them while you were there and got to talk to some people you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

    Nice picture, by the way! It looks more natural when they’re just taken without any real preparations. =)

  11. I kinda know what you mean. After not seeing people for quite some time and when they dont exactly speak the same language as you, its hard to get comfortable. At least the food looks nice and you had a good time talking to one of your buddies.

  12. That race sounds like hell for me! I’m so unfit, good for you for doing it anyway!

    The BBQ food looks absolutely delicious, I haven’t had breakfast yet and my stomach is rumbling, lol.

    It’s good you went anyway and faced the people that were snotty to you, it’s also great you hada good time and got to catch up with everyone and stuff

  13. It’s good to push yourself to the extreme once in a while. At least you know that you can complete a gruelling competition like the above even though it may seem hard to reach initially.

    Anyway, most of the barbecues I go to end up serving charcoal broiled charcoal because of our ineptness in cooking.

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